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Scabies burrows? but don't seem to be characteristic symptoms....
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Scabies burrows? but don't seem to be characteristic symptoms....

I hope you can give me an opinion if my burrow like marks fit into the realm of scabies, even though they seem to present differently than most cases I have read about. I don't have access to a doctor like back in the US, and hope to just see if others have seen scabies presented in a case like mine.

At some point, perhaps after an overnight visit to a town in Vietnam and different guest bed, I came home with a couple lines of 3 bumps - under front of shoulder blade, back of calf. I assumed bed bugs and tried to steam clothes and the bed and do what I could w/o a dryer, like using a permethrin clothing spray to lightly treat some clothes, dry them a day in the sun, and then wear. Bumps were pretty itchy but have faded. No new lines of three in the past couple of days. A few itchy spots or single bumps sometimes, but I also have eczema, face acne, sensitive skin in general, so that's not entirely unusual.

Burrows are my current concern.
Around this week, I think is also when I started to notice some tiny raised lines on the back of my hands.
A few (3) look like smooth, slightly oblong shaped marks - perhaps like flat warts. There are a few raised speck marks near those.
But most (6) are like scars of scratch marks, like the width of a pencil line. Straight lines, most go diagonally right above the bottom knuckles, a couple in the middle of the back of the hand.
All flesh colored, smooth, flat and just slightly raised. not noticeable unless looking at it closely.

I saw some burrow pictures and I think it could definitely pass for that.
However, there are differences that make me question ... but I don't know anything else with the skin that acts like burrows that isn't scabies. I noticed at least 3 new ones yesterday, so I am concerned.

Why my burrows seem different from other cases:
- not itchy.
The first one was (and is reddish brown) but that was just a day. the others are not itchy, all flesh colored.
I had scabies last year on a different travel trip. That was a nightmare. Rashes on the back, behind knees, forearms, very itchy at night. No burrows that I ever noticed. So, seeing burrows now is very new to me and they do not at all mimic the itchy symptoms from last year. (I was treated with benzyl benzoate or such and ivermectin. Perhaps overtreated, as docs later told me my remaining itchiness was eczema related. No one else I came in contact with had the same symptoms, though I have had friends with itchy bumps that presented a month after visiting but bumps that went away (so, I'm not sure if related/separate)).
-  instead, itching happens in some other places on the body, like a small pimple like bump in the inside of the elbow that went away, or an itch on the tummy or knee from a bump... but I have had docs in the past tell me that's eczema... and I don't have the itching as a rash or predominately at night like last year.
- just on the back of my hands, as far as I can tell. Never had scabies there before. Not in the finger webs. Just around the lower knuckles and middle of the back of the hand.
- marker test does not leave ink behind. it washes off with the alcohol swipe. I used permanent marker and board wipe-out marker. Used wipe when the ink was wet, when the ink was dry. Still no ink left behind.
- no scabs or black dots at the end of the marks

I did bring sulfur with me in my travels and, for about the past 3 days, I put about a half teaspoon in with a handful of lotion to mix and rub across body (one doc was horrified last year when I said I had tried sulfur with petro jelly since she said it is not good to use lots of petro on skin and can clog pores). Two days ago, I also mixed a few drops of tea tree oil with the lotion.

I did see a kid at a school over a month ago with a bunch of tiny red bumps on his arms and I had used his computer mouse to show him something on his screen...perhaps caught it from him or something totally different. Again, I get various itches at various times, because I have sensitive skin, get bit by mosquitos, and have eczema so I'm not entirely sure I didn't have symptoms that could have been presented earlier that I misread.

Well, hey, if you have any ideas if my marks are similar enough to indicate scabies, let me know. I know there are always exceptions to the rule, just not sure if burrow-like marks could be anything else but scabies.
I must travel again and hoping I am taking the right steps to contain scabies if I do have it. I can alochol wipe my work desk area, try to isolate clothes for 3 days at a time before wearing...but it's hard here w/o a dryer.
If it's not scabies, that would be great, as long as it's not something worse!! Wish I could see a doc who has seen the spectrum of scabies cases to tell me if I'm similar or definitely not in that group.
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it's very possible that my marks presented before the bed-bug-like bumps. my memory is not the best. the darkest line may be from a couple weeks ago, and is across the bottom of a finger, back of the hand.
but it's only been this week that I have seen these extra lines around the back of the hand and increasing - at least 3 more since I checked a couple days ago.
since I never remember seeing burrows that last time I got scabies, this is all strange, and esp to not have itchiness there like I had previously had.
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