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Sensitive Skin + Breakouts = HELP!?
I have VERY light sensitive skin, blue eyes and light brunette hair.
MY skin is extremely translucent with combination oiliness.
With makeup on, everyone thinks I have beautiful, porcelain skin, but it's actually quite problematic.
I have redness around nose and on chin (not sure if it's rosacea... it does flare when I drink alcohol or subject it to extreme temperatures). I also have occasionally yuck breakouts in chin area, recently quite frequently on my lower cheeks (STRANGE!)... never seen that before.
Pores are slightly enlarged around nose and get blackheads on chin and nose.
I am on a low-dose birth control, and have recently switched to Philosophy skin care (which has GREATLY improved texture/coloring) but not totally solved things.
I DO wear sensitive-skin high-quality foundation, but don't load it on and am a bit anal about cleanliness with my brushes.
I'd like not to wear makeup at all... is that crazy?

Oh, and I have a normal weight, exercise pretty regularly and eat LOTS of fruits and veggies.

Sorry for the information overload... just wanted to be specific.
Any help???

thanks so much!
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