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Severe itchy arms
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Severe itchy arms

I have only had two things that work for my severe left arm itching and less often right arm itching--

1)  An adjustment by my chiropractor helped immensely.  He checked me out and said it was inflammation expressed on my left arm due to a pinched nerve of some sort.  All I know is that on one occasion after an adjustment, it went away and stayed away for over a month.  It was amazing after suffering with it.    

2) In between adjustments, I get immediate relief with Nature's Solution,
I try to keep the bottle nearby and spray it on the after I the itch resumes and it goes away for awhile.  Eventually, if use faithfully, the skin begins to heal.    

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Well,your symptoms are typically suggestive of brachioradial pruritis. Brachioradial pruritis is an intense itching sensation of the arm usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms. The itch can be so intense that sufferers will scratch their own skin to a bleeding condition.
No cure has been found.The only thing that seems to help most sufferers is the application of ice to the area until the itch is diminished. Other treatments include cooling lotions like those containing camphor or menthol,capsacain or local anesthetic creams,amitriptyline and gabapentin tablets and electrical cutaneous nerve field stimulation.
Please discuss this possibility and these options of treatment with your dermatologist
I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.

I am an Aussie digger, 61 yrs old. Four four years i have had that same afflictionon my arms, wake up scratching like crazy, no sleep for hours, tried all sorts if creams from the doc. NO Good!!
Thought it was something that was latent from my time in Vietnam during the war. WRONG
Six months ago i was out west and an old "bushy" told me to go and get "Quit itch"  which is a "Broad spectrum" antiseptic/antifungal/fungicide which is used on horses containingPovidine/iodine/iodophor and i can tell you that WHEN the ithe itching starts,apply and within 1/2 hr it subsidesAND DOES NOT make me tear into my arms.and i can drift back to sleep.
I have now read scores of people litterally on this site that
"CRY" themselves to sleep, well i am telling you out there to try it,because animal oinments do not kill you.  ON the subjects EXEMA (eczema) of the skin can be reduced considerably by going to the produce store (same via Quick itch" and to buy the TEAT cream that is used on milking cows.. I HAVE SEEN the benifits from veteran mates of mine whom had severe forms on return from vietnam and it helped them immensely. MORE than any doctores presdiptions.
Hope tthis all helps some of you out there
Cheers Nev
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