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Skin on penis loose and wrinkly after too much rubbing. Is this really ...
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Skin on penis loose and wrinkly after too much rubbing. Is this really permanent?

I have the same problem as a few others on this site, but no one has really answered their questions -- except to tell them not to worry or that they are being paranoid -- so I am posting, myself, in hopes of a better response.

I have masturbated my whole life (I am 46), and plenty vigorously at times! I have had sex and played sexually to the point of soreness on multiple occasions. But three weeks ago, after going several hours with a partner (mostly being masturbated by hand, without lube), the skin on my penis got swollen and puffy. The next day, instead of letting it rest, I masturbated myself and of course it got worse. Since that time three weeks ago, I have left my penis alone. The swelling went down in a couple days but in its aftermath, the skin has been loose and wrinkly in a way that I've never seen it before, as though it were permanently stretched out. Erect it looks normal, but flacid, only the head looks normal (I am circumcised, by the way). The skin on the shaft looks like a sharpei dog, full of wrinkles and folds. It's so loose it practically sags down from the underside. Facid, my penis also feels softer and floppier than it did before.

Not to belabor the description, but in case this adds any clues for recognizing my condition: another new thing about my new, 80-year-old-looking penis is that as it goes from limp to erect (I have made this happen a few times, just to make sure things are still working), it gets a strange kink in the middle and looks misshapen. Picture one of those long, hot-dog-shaped balloons, inflated on both ends but with a single band in the middle where it doesn't inflate.

I am not worried I've got a disease or anything seriously threatening my health. I just want my normal penis back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Give it a break.
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I feel your pain. Been dealin' with it for 6 years. And it seemed to happen overnight after a rather vigorous "massage" from a female acquaintance.

Got it too, brother,( loose skin, hour-glass deformity, sorry-looking,etc.) and it should be taken seriously or your sex life could be over in a few years.

Unfortunately you may have developed Peyronie's Disease (not an infectious thing, but a result of fibrotic scar tissue inside your man-part. Probably from too much rub-a-dub over many years. Then, the clincher that you mentioned.)

Peyronie's will probably lead to vascular issues in your member, the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

Get yourself to a urologist ASAP. I suggest it be a male.

If he tells you not to worry, "it will go away", etc. or gives you Vitamin E pills, then shake his hand, pay the bill and leave.

Then get on-line and find yourself somebody who specializes in Peyronie's Disease (like Dr. Laurence Levine in Chicago) or at least knows something about it (this may be more difficult than you think).

Ask about: 1. Cavernosography  and 2. Ultrasonography (These will tell you how things are going down there). If it costs a thousand bucks, pay it. You'll be glad you did.

Start learning about this condition (there's a ton of info on-line although a lot of it will require your full attention).

Stop the jerking now. Try to stick with BJs (mild, if there is such a thing) or regular planking.

Massage yourself daily at least 30 minutes to stimulate blood-flow. Don't be too vigorous or you skin will get irritated. Use a lube (not K-Y jelly. That's for screwing.) If this gets you hard, no problem. No need to "pop the cork" however.
If you're not too embarrassed, get a trusted partner to help you out on the massage bit. Check Youtube for various techniques of genital (not sexual) massage. There's more down there than just your pee-pee).

You've only got one of those tools so take care of it.

You need to stop treating your Johnson like it was made of steel. (I know, we all want so much to be "proud" of our things. Believe me, if there comes a time when you can't get it up anymore, pride will be the last thing on your mind!)

One more thing: This can quickly become a "head" issue (the one on your neck). If you become anxious (you already are) or ashamed it will tend to increase any ED problems that arise. Tell your urologist about your fears. Seek a therapist if it persists.

Good luck!

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A good option is to try an elastin and collagen skin cream, or a firming skin cream. These claim to help make your skin more elastic and firm (opposite of loose) if the loose skin doesn't go away. Or you could try any other elastic skin cream like a hyaluronic acid serum cream if those don't work. You could probably find those online or at a local store like Walmart. Hope this helps!
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