Small Fluid filled blisters in my mouth
by g1221, Sep 09, 2008
I have developed, on a few occasions, small fluid filled blisters inside my mouth. On the inside side of the lips, on the cheek walls, and at the back of my gum line, but on the wall of the cheek. These are soft fluid filled blisters that come in one blisters or a small group. They come quickly, within 15 minutes and last for about 3 hours-5 hours. Then they break or deflate and go away until the next occurrence. I have had this happen several times over the last few months. There is a white line that encircles the blistering area.

The vesicles are not on my tongue. They aren't outside the mouth like an HSV-1 virus outbreak. I have never been diagnosed with anything STD related before, but I am sexually active and not always as safe as I could be/should be.

The blistering area is usually in a field about the size of an american nickel or quarter. The blisters start as pin sized and inflate with fluid until the are about 1/8th of an inch and raised and then they burst. They NEVER cause pain unless I scratch the blister causing a wound.

They are full of clear fluid. Never pus or mucous or anything colored. If I tear the top of to drain it it sometimes bleeds slightly.

I have high quality pictures I took today if you would like to see the pictures.
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Sep 09, 2008
Recurrent herpes simplex usually affects the lips, not the inside of the mouth.  I don't think this is infectious or sexually-transmitted.  I don't know what it is, however.  This is the sort of condition that can only be diagnosed by examination and, if necessary, biopsy.  I suggest a specialist in oral medicine or perhaps an oral surgeon.


Dr. Rockoff
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by UNDXable, Nov 01, 2008
I wanted to post to the other Oral Blister thread too but it didn't give the option.

I too have been getting them off and on.  I've had a couple bloody ones to the lower left near the canine type teeth (the ones associated with vampires and animals lol).  However, most of them in the same spot on the roof of my mouth toward the back left side.  Then  a change - last night suddenly one grew right at the side of my mouth where the jaw and teeth meet.  If you stuck your finger back at the 'hinge' of your mouth this would be back on the left just to the 'bottom' side of it.  

The difference for me tho is that it is painful and bothersome.  I have troubled immune system from a chemical exposure and it usually takes a lot of warm liquids and things like essential oils to get it to stop being swollen.  There's still a largey fleshy lump there.

When I saw the Oral Surgeon a bit ago (before this) he said that my lingual tonsils were swollen (this is very uncomfortable - food gets caught in them and it affects breathing and swallowing etc) which is highly irregular - as well that my right tonsil had 'grown back'... (i've had them removed.)  I've had those 'extra' tonsils none of us know about get inflamed on many occasions and this seems to happen around the same time.

However I have one more thing to relate it to that I wondered if anyone else has noticed.

Does it ever happen with increase of salt or crunchy foods?  

I had something like this outbreak once on a trip in Europe and while I was there they 'burned off' all the blisters which was extremely painful (this was maybe the first time this had ever happened and the inside of my mouth had lots of them).  Yes literally burned them off... and told me not to eat any salt at all for weeks and it would go away.  I never found out what it was.

I've never showed signs of nor  tested positive for any STD and have a very unlikely history for it.  (Some of the immunology doctors do STD testing as part of the natural ruling out process.)

The reason I asked about crunchy or salty foods is because I wondered if these might appear sometimes as the result of eating something that was sharp or jabbed us. Like  a crunchy taco shell or tortilla chip etc. Think of a toe or foot that gets blisters... it would sorta make sense if the skin covering the mouth had a similar response in protection/healing.   How many crunchy chip type foods jab us and poke us ... our oral skin/gums isn't impervious really is it?  

Wouldn't it be fairly commonplace for people who eat a lot of crunchy or sharp foods (which also tend to be salty) to have this kind of reaction at times?

Doctor - could you address that?

by zheng, Nov 02, 2008
i had the same problem as g1221... the water blister comes and pop every few days or weeks... and always on the same spot at the back of my cheek wall. They do not hurt or cause pain but is very uncomfortable when it fully filled. Usually pop out after meal n burst within a few hours. always is clear some time gluey.  
by willy851, Nov 06, 2008
I get them. Stress and allergies cause them. I get one one the gum crease between my back teeth. If I eat grapes it will pop up in twenty minutes. Stay for about two days. I just ignore them.
by g1221, Nov 10, 2008
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