Sudden Rash
by overit4now, Mar 23, 2012
During dinner last night my 3 year old daughter suddenly developed a rash. 20 minutes earlier she was fine. Started as rash bumps on cheeks and face spread down torso as small red dots not raised. I thought it might be an allergic raction to something she ate but she was eating any thing new. She had a bite or two of english muffin and some oven fries w/ olive oil, garlic powder, oregano, salt, pepper and paprika which I make often. I gave her some children's Benedryl. He identical sister had no rash. Later some of the rash in face lookedlike tiny little blisters. Gave her more Benedryl this morning. No change. Nothing looks blisty now (15hrs after onset) just red bumps on face and fine covering of red dots on her back, next and some arms. She has had all of her immunization shots. My kids had off and on fevers earlier in the week. 2 nights ago she was 102.7 gave her children's ibuprofen and she had been fine since. What could bring on such a sudden rash? I don't really want to take her to the doctor as we have been there WAAAY too much the past few months and chances are it is something that will have to go away on its own anyhow, but if it is contagious then I want be careful where we go what we do.
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by tschockBlank, Mar 23, 2012
Sounds like either a reaction to a vaccine, or that the vaccine didn't work as intended.
Fever, rash...did she also have a runny nose/congested, sore throat, red eyes?
My brother had all his shots and ended up getting baby measles ( rubella)  really bad. I didn't have shots...I had everything. lol
Keep watching, and please stay away from pregnant women until you've figured out what the rash is.

It could be a heat rash, hives, chicken pox, measles, rubella, etc...only a doctor ( or nurse ) could tell you for sure. Sorry.
Sounds like it could be either something very contagious or an allergic reaction to something.
Roseola  seems to come to mind here because of the fever 2 days ago and the sudden appearance of spots.

Again...stay away from pregnant women until you know for sure...and please take her to the doctor. Hives can signify a serious allergic reaction...and you need to know what caused it.
by overit4now, Mar 23, 2012
I was wondering about Roseola or a Strep rash, but she says she doesn't have a sore throat. Eyes are normal and no respitory issues. It just seemed wierd how fast it came on.  
by Myhunnybee, Mar 24, 2012
She could of has a reaction to the ibuprofen as this can cause a rash please take her to see a doctor as you cant leave it or ask for a home visit, my daughter has has a rash for three weeks and they gave her lots of creams and none worked for her untill yesterday when i was given a betnovate and i have only used it twice and i can see a difference allready.
by specialmom, Mar 24, 2012
I agree that it sounds like roseola.  The fevers are the begining of the virus and that clears up, then a rash starts.  If the rash persists-----  I'd take her in to be checked.  and roseola IS contagious.  

Hard to say for sure but when you said she'd had fevers earlier in the week, sounded like it.  

My son has also gotten a rash like you describe when I switched laundry detergents once.  ???

Anyway, hope she is better soon!
by overit4now, Mar 26, 2012
Thanks for all of the good comments and suggestions. I was thinking Roseola or a Step rash so we did go to the doctor. By that time the larger spots on her face had faded some but she had a fine rash all over her body including the tops of her feet. Doctor seemed to think it looked like an allergy. Gave her children's Benedryl, but it still tooks a few days to fade. Almost all gone now. Now I have to figure out what the offending substance is. She has never had an allergy before. I didn't feed her anything unusal but since she's 3 there's always a chance she put something random in her mouth. Thanks again. I'll note if I figure it out.
by maatson, Mar 26, 2012
I do believe it was an allergy to some additives or flavoring agents. Good to know your child is fine.
Best wishes