Tationil and Vitamin C injections
by sjenna, Sep 18, 2008
Dear doctor, what do you think about glutathione intravenous injections given with vitamin c,for detox.
In some countries these injections are given by the dermatologist for skin whitening purposes. The dermatologists in these countries say that whitening of skin is just the side effect of the product.Is it true?
I have bought a box of Tationil Roche(glutathione 600mg) and Laroscorbine Roche(Vita C 1g) and I want to take these for boosting my immune system.
Would it be a wise step.
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by myharpsma, Mar 18, 2009
What are the benefits of glutathione intravenous injections (5cc - monthly) along with a vitamin IV drip called a MYERS IV?

What are the benefits or dangers of taking oral Glutathione (REDUCED 500MG)?

What beneficial or adverse affects would these supplements have, particually interacting with antidepressants?

Thanks for the help.
by jujubee93, May 16, 2010
Oral glutathione only breaks down in the GI tract and is poorly absorbed, so not enough benefit from them. There are glutathione intravenous injections which has higher absorbtion, but you'll have to make sure that they are genuine and are not diluted. There are the precurors of glutathione that can be taken orally to help the body to make it's own glutathione. Heres a site that explains in further detail about glutathione/vitamin C
by veesha399, Oct 11, 2011
I have recently purchased Glutax 3 G which contains 3000mg of Glutatione and other ingredients.. when i brought it to the GP to get the injection done she freaked me by saying it might give adverse effect to my liver and so on and after which she contacted me and said it can be done via IV drip... perhaps i suppose it would be diluted then...

Now the question is, is it safe ?
how should i go about this ?