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The Skin Rash that keeps coming back....
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The Skin Rash that keeps coming back....

Hi there..
So my skin rash is all over. It's not raised and it moves around. It started in January and I have been to a GP and an Allergist and have gotten the "gee I don't know" all three times. It starts as the typical red dots that mush together and when it's bad, it's "lacey".
I have racked my brain about foods I have eaten, soaps and detergents, air polutants..but there is no common denominator. I take Zyrtec when I see spots and it eventually goes away. It will go away for a few days to a week, then resurface. Today it started with spots on my shoulder (mostly on one side) & chest and has moved to my face. It will go to my scalp, ears, chest, arms, palms, trunk, pelvic area, legs and no particular order. It doesn't itch a whole lot..but I can feel it. The GP gave me cortizone a shot and it went away..but came back after it wore off...but then it went away after a day. I got bloodwork and it was all fine.
I have been reading and researching and I have yet to go to a dermatologist.
How do you know if it's an allergic reaction or a sign of something else going on in my body.
The time and the way it appears makes me think it's not an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis????) because I cannot figure out why. I have changed my laundry detergent because at first, I thought it was just that...I used mild or no soaps..I use sulfate free shampoo..I eat the same way I have been eating for years..nothing new. No crazy perfumes or lotions..I try to use natural products.
WHich is why it might be a sign of something else...
2 weeks ago when it resurfaced, it first appeared on my scalp. I was sick with a cold and I had a hooded sweatshirt on with the hood on my head. I noticed my forhead feeling tight. So it was at my scalp, forhead, ears, behind my ears..but didnt go much further--I thought it had resurfaced because I was sick and my immune system was down...I got it to go away with Zyrtec and then a few days later, i was in Las Vegas for a night on business when my cold got worse from the flight and air, it was freezing cold and my rash came in full force. I was miserable...
So incidents like that make me think it has nothing to do with allergic reactions....
Any advice you can give would help..
Do you reccommend that I see a dermatologist?? GO back to the Allergist?? Skip both and go to my GP?? I don't have a ton of money to be trying all these office visits..
I know rashes are hard to diagnose but I would like to get advice on what type of tests to get and what to ask/tell my DR...
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I would guess that you have eczema, a hereditary condition that itches, comes, and goes, especially in cold times of the year.  Everyone looks for changes in soaps and detergents, but that hardly ever turns up anything useful.  I don't think you need tests or allergy evaluations--you ought to see a dermatologist, who should be able to diagnose you by looking, and then can prescribe something helpful.

Cortisone shots help eczema, but it's not a good idea to take cortisone internally on an ongoing basis, so creams are a better idea.


Dr. Rockoff
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