Tiny Holes in my hands
by nursechic, Dec 15, 2009
I have a friend who has tiny holes in the creases of his palms and fingers. These little holes will get hardened white tissue in them which he pulls out leaving again a little tiny hole. These holes are in every crease and fold of his palm and fingers which is a cause of embarassment for him. A couple of times it is if the holes have gotten infected under the hardened area but as soon as the protrusion is pulled out the area is fine. Please does anyone know what this could be and how he can treat it? He went to a dermatologist who told him.... put stick deordorant on his hand....I have no idea how that was supposed to help him and it did not. So if anyone knows what this could be please let me know.
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by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Dec 17, 2009
It is very difficult to confirm anything without examination but it can be dyshidrotioc eczema, palmar keratosis or Gorlin’s syndrome(chances are less).  Dyshidrotic eczema manifests as small, itchy, fluid-filled blisters. Gorlin’s syndrome is a rare inherited condition characterised by palmar or plantar pits and basal cell carcinomas.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

by chrissy966, Sep 24, 2010
i have tiny holes in my hand as long as i could remember and mine also build up dead skin inside and hurt i would use a needle to pull out the harden skin inside the hole in my hand that never closes  i have them on the side of my feet aswell i am curious what are they and why do i have them
by oquinnec, Nov 11, 2010
I have the same holes on my palms, the sides and tips of my fingers and toes and on the ball an and heel of my feet!  When the areas have more wear the holes/pits are more prominant. The spots can easily be seen when my skin is damp.  When there is alot of wear in these areas it is often painful and the skin is shed more often!  What is this? I work in the medical field and have still not been able to find answers! Please say anything that comes to mind about what this could be.
by sarahp2121, Nov 20, 2010
i too suffer from the same condition. these tiny holes in the palm of my hands has been there for many years. sometimes they're more noticeable and irritated, that's when i pull out pretty much any sharp object that i can find and start digging. I do know by now that this only worsens the condition by irritating it more, then it becomes painful. It's so frustrating trying to remove this, i don't even know what to call it, i guess an ingrown hand callus. There, here's the diagnosis! An ingrown hand callus. LOL! Well, my advise would be not to dig it out or irritate it in any way. The best thing that works for me is rubbing some really good, thick lotion on it. I've also used my pedicure callus remover to gently scrape off some of the dead skin, then lotion it down really good.
by hardhands, Jun 07, 2011
   I have same problem pin size holes in creases of my hands. One of these holes grows dead skin and is more inflamed than the rest.  Went to doctor and he couldnt give me good explanation just gave me couple pills for infection. Inflamation stoped but came right back. Im really glad to hear Im not the only personin the world with this problem. But theres got to be a good explanation why we are having these problems.
by calcitrant, Jul 11, 2011
Keratosis punctata of the palmar creases
by calcitrant, Jul 11, 2011
Keratosis punctata of the palmar creases
by Dan_e_o, Jun 27, 2012
I had this problem for years, on my hands and feet I've tried many different things and have found one that worked for me so her it goes....
Every night I soak my feet and hands for 30min in a mixture:
4 cups warm water
1 cup vinigar
4 tablespoons salt
4 tablespoons bleach
Watch out with the bleach don't overdue it. You should adjust the bleach to your skin sensitivity.  Try and keep your hands dry the rest of the day. Don't keep them closed and sandals for your feet. Durring the day I apply -EQUATE ATHLET'S FOOT- cream to my hands (I scrape the liable off so I won't get any strange looks and this one doesn't have a smell so no one will notice) apply like you would lotion. I don't know why this works but it does I tried literally everything, I wrote down what worked and what didn't and this did. So good luck

PS. Once you see that everything has cleared up do Not stop the prosses keep it going for another month or two to make sure it clears up for good, if you don't it will return and you will have to start prosses over again.  :)
by Bigdogmc, Jul 14, 2012
Thats crap... It is already dry, y dry my hand even more. I have the same problem. Does anyone know where this problem comes from...