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Tiny clear bumps around penis glan? Herpes II: No sores, No oozing, No ...
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Tiny clear bumps around penis glan? Herpes II: No sores, No oozing, No pain

Hi Doc,

HSV 1 {Positive): I never had a mouth sore or blisters any where on my body.  

Can think straight!! I'm a 25 year male with an active sex life.  The last six months or so I have been experiencing tiny clear bumps/blister on my penis glan. No red bumps! The bumps are scattered around the glan barely noticable. The tiny bumps can barley be seen when not erected. The bumps become more apparent as I get an erection. When erected the glan will also get red and lumpy. And when I have intercourse it will get very irritated, redess/purple color, glan looks transparent, and waxy . When my penis goes back to normal size the redness and lumps are gone, but I can still see the tiny little clear bumps/blisters. The tiny bumps will disappear in a week or so.  

I been to my GP he told me that it is not herpes, but a possible soap irritaion, but I'm convinced its something else.

What do you make of this!!!


I cantthinkstraight
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Your GP is right.  A positive HSV-1 titer means precisely nothing--just that your body was exposed to herpes at some point in the past.  The penile bumps you describe sound nothing at all like herpes.  If you're still not convinced, see a skin doctor.  Then forget about it.  As for the 'transparency' and 'waxiness,' that means you're anxious and staring at your penis too hard.  Relax.


Dr. Rockoff
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They actually sound like your normal penile skin that you are just now noticing.  Have you ever really looked that closely at your penis before?
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are you the dr?
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Hi Dr.,

I forgot to mention that I not circumsized.  Like I mentioned this has been going on for about 6 months and its roughly my 3/4 time experiencing these symptoms. Again, the tiny blisters are clear, never red. They don't ooze,  or become sores. Is it possoble that I have gential (genital) herpes 1 and my immune system is surpressing them.  No fever.  The blsiters are located on my penis head may be about 10 tiny blisters some close, a few scattered.  Like I mentioned I took the herpeselect test and I was positive for the anti-bodies. What can it be?
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I'm sorry I didin't write all my symptoms all down on my first note. I forgot to mentioned the head of my penis gets wrinkled and if I stretch it the tiny blisters seem to disappear.  The blisters are not red and they don't bust.Tthey  go away on there own.

1. tiny clear blisters on penis head(glan) hardly noticable must look for them closely. Maybe 5 or so in a cluster and few scattered close by. Blisters are located arround the base of the penis head (Not the pearly white rim).
2.. Head gets a little wrinkled during this time.
3. When erected they are most profound and head gets lumpy and slighlty red.
4. When I have intercourse the head gets really red/purple and transparent looking.
5. This last outbreak took about 7 days for the blisters to disappear.
6. I think I seem to get them when I travel in vehicle for more than 4 hours and stressed(possibly).
7. I say my general doctor during the outbreak. He examined the blisters and said not herpes, but a possible irritation of some type.

What do you think?

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Spakeler or doc.,

I know I repeated my self a million times....

The tiny bumps are on my penis head near the end of the head(not the pearly white things). They are very tiny clear colored no redness, or sores or blisters oozing. They look like tiny water blisters some together(4/5) some scattered one here one there. I never tried bustering them there too small. You have to stare closely to see them.  Like I said they seem more noticable when I get an erection. They seem to spread out and somewhat raised and the head gets a little red, but it goes back to the original state after the erection. During intercourse it gets really red and sort of irritated, but again it goes down and it normal with the expection of the tiny blisters. Last outbreak it took from Sunday to Sunday go away. Like I said I tend to get them when I'm stressed or traveling long disatnces in car.

I never had a facial outbreak...Positive for HSV1.

Jock Itch?
yeast infection?
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