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Vaginal area tingling
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Vaginal area tingling

Hi all, thank you for stopping by to read my problem. I'll be grateful if someone can provide me with some ideas.

I'm female. 23 years old. Sexually active for almost 1 year but not facing any problem.

I have itch around my pubic hair (left side) area few months ago. It comes and goes so I don't really care about it. When the itch approach I can't control myself sometimes and i scratched it. Then I can notice white dandruff/ flakes around the area. Sometimes there will be 1/2 pimples there. Recently I realize that the itch area has widen to the right side.

Last month i started to feel there is a tingling and pain in my vaginal. I'm not quiet sure the exact position, but it is below the clitoris and area within labia minora. I went for urine and blood test, everything is fine.

Then, I went to gynecological doctor. He checked and told me there was crack in my vagina and suspect it is herpes. I used the herpes cream and feel better (the tingling is not so often) and went back to him a week after. He checked and said it's getting better.

I went home and the tingling still happen sometimes. Especially after i pee/poo/ shower. I doubt there are still some cracks. So now everytime i go to toilet i will try very hard to pee/poo very slowly so that i don't stretch the vaginal. It works sometimes but not everytime.

After thinking for sometimes, I don't think it is herpes. Because I dont see any outbreaks in my vagina. Herpes also do not last this long.

I can't find any cracks in my vaginal using mirror(maybe they are paper-cut like/ very tiny).

I'm wondering now, if there are cracks they should be recovering in 2-3 days. Why is that the tingling still occuring? Is it possible that the skin problem around my pubic hair had spread to vaginal and cause cracking? I have quite alot of yellowish milky discharge sometimes (no smell). Is it possible I have yeast ? But normally my discharge is milky in color (all the time, even before this problem)
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also, i notice the junction labia minora and clitoris meet has a bump. Right and left side both have but right side bump is much more bigger. i feel very sensitive and uncomfort when i touch it. but not really pain.

i'm not sure the tingling in my vagina has relation with this bump.
First of all,the itching sensation in the vagina and dry flaky skin can be due to contact dermatitis or eczema.The tingling sensation can be due to bartholin’s cyst. There are glands in the vaginal lips called Bartholin’s glands. These can become painful and swollen, and an abscess can form. This often causes blockage in the main duct from the gland, and a cyst develops. This is felt as a painless, hard swelling.In such cases, antibiotics may be helpful, or surgical treatment might be required.Sometimes they may compress the surrounding nerves and then tingling may occur.

I sincerely suggest you to consult a gynecologist and get this possibility evaluated.
Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have additional queries. Kind regards.

Hi Kaur, thanks for your sincere reply.

I only have itch and flaky skin around my pubic hair.

The tingling happens in vaginal. So I'm not sure whether they are related or not..

I don't think i have any cyst. I look into the mirror my vaginal and touch around all seems normal. Not swollen. Only place that feel a little irritate when touched is the small soft bump between clitoris and labia minora.

I feel the pain After i stress my pee/poo out. If i release by controlling them slowly and gently , i dont feel the pain afterwards. Also i will feel the pain after I thoroughly clean up the vaginal.

Anyway i'm going back to my gyn doctor because i still feel the pain this morning after i clean up my vaginal.
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