When ringworm heals, is it supposed to be itchy and form yellow crusts?
by a42121, May 10, 2010
The lesion is drying up and it's been severely itchy. I know that when scrapes heal, they itch and form a scab. Is this the same with ringworm?

I've been using ketoconazole (see my previous questions here: ) four times a day.  First it oozes a little bit, a clear/yellow liquid. Then it forms a yellowish crust, as shown in the picture. When it gets to this stage, it itches intensely. Claritin does not help the itch, either.

Please help! My doctor's office is closed and I don't know what to do with the itch! Should I clean the crust off or leave it?
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by divex07, May 10, 2010

I've had a ringworm before on my arm.  Scratching only made it a lot worse because it made dozens of little cuts, which resulted in a larger diameter of the worm.

What you should be doing now is allow the small cuts to heal up first then apply your ringworm cream until it's gone.   The oozing then the yellow crust forming is normal part of the healing process.  Just let it do its thing, and in time it will fall off on its own.

Healing Cuts should take 3-5 days~ depending on how deep and big the cuts are.
The Ringworm should take 2-6 weeks~  

Hope this answers your questions.

ps: Do NOT scratch it anymore!

Good luck.

by a42121, May 11, 2010
Thanks for posting. I do not scratch it, I just viciously shake my hand and blow on it to relieve the itch.

When your ringworm healed, did it start to shrink or fade away? How long did it take? Was it bigger than mine?

All in all, it's been a month using Ketoconazole and there's no reduction in size. It's still red and incredibly itchy. Sometimes when I apply the Ketoconazole, it feels like it burns the lesion. Is it possible that I'm allergic to the cream??
by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, May 13, 2010

Please do not scratch it as it may cause superimposed infection of the area. Apply the antifungal cream that your doctor has prescribed and consult your doctor to get oral antifungals prescribed. In the last post I had asked you to discuss the possibility of nummular dermatitis with your doctor. Please discuss this possibility along with granuloma annulare because the lesion is not responding inspite of topical antifungals.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

by craeter, Aug 17, 2012
my son's ringworm did enlarge. The oozing had stopped , healthier lighter pink skin is appearing among the scabbed areas. The ring is smooth yet red outer circle. The otc fungal cream didn't appear to work and he is using clorox with q tip on area 3 times aday. Does this sound like it's healing?
by antihero1z, Jan 05, 2013
The old "clorox treatment" doesn't actually kill the fungus, it only kills any germs/bacteria on the skin. Your son needs to use something with anti-fungal properties (prescribed or OTC creams/ointments or liquids. Or if you're more into alternative medicine, try tea tree oil, black walnut tea, garlic, etc).
by kj811, Mar 05, 2013
I would highly recommend that you do not use tea tree oil. It does not kill fungi or bacteria in a petri dish, and has low estrogen properties that cause precocious puberty symptoms in boys and girls. I speak from personal experience.
by leanna6, Mar 20, 2013
I have ringworm on my arm and its super itchy! I've been using antifungal cream on it for 3 days and its starting to have mini blisters and its seems to have yellow ***** stuff coming out of it! Its very pink and about the size of a 50c coin! I keep a dressing on it all the time because its contagious but i was wonder how long it will take to heal? Will an oral prescription make it go away quicker?

Someone please help!
by virqie95, Jun 20, 2013
I have ringworm on my chest. I've had it for a while a it grew to the size of a quarter. I've been to the drs. And they gave me pills and creme. I apply the creme. Nope doesn't work. Pills i don't know. I've devopled bruises from the rashes ringworm comes with. Scrathing the back on my leg to find another ringworm. I want this gone its spreading. And its been 2 months. Please any help. My body itches
by pjh522, Aug 03, 2013
I don't have ringworm but my cat has it..looks the same and using similar medications. He is receiving oral medication, fungus cream 2 x a day and I have to give him a bath 3 times a week. All 3 combined are helping. It's starts to heal. I was told it takes about 8 to 14 days to clear. I check myself and my other cat too in case we get it.
I suggest continue with the oral medication and cream but also get a medicated shower gel. Check with you doctor.
In addition wash towels and bedding every day. I also use Lysol to spray down everything.
I hope this helps.