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White Dots/marks on my lips bumps in mouth. STD? Herpes?
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White Dots/marks on my lips bumps in mouth. STD? Herpes?

Ok I have some growths on my lips. I am worried sick.
-About 7 weeks ago is the last time I had sex and it was with a girl I had just met, and it was unprotected. I was very drunk, the girl went down on me and I on her, then I penetrated her for about 5 minutes.
-Continuing, I have recently started to notice some marks on my lips and small bumps on the oral mucosa, similiar to the ones seen in this picture (but without the discoloration and pigmentation of the tissue)
-The marks I only at first noticed on my lower lip and I dismissed them at first because about 8 days ago I had my teeth bleached and the dentist assistant splashed bleach on my gums and lips causing much burning and scabbing. I was told it would heal eventually, however, it has not.
-Then today, I noticed some small round white dots less than a millimeter in diameter on my upper lip. These dots appear in random locations across the upper lip and are kind of in a cluster at one part.
-I just spent the weekend with my girlfriend and we did much kissing. I am very worried and afraid to kiss her anymore, but it is very difficult because she is so attractive and wants to kiss me. I also noticed a similiar white mark on the edge of her bottom lip (similiar to one of the white marks on my bottom lip).
This past weekend I am sunburnt from an all day outdoors rock concert, and that could attribute to the damage of my lips.
-Here are pictures to try and show you the problem in better detail.

lips w/flash1-
- the mark in the middle of my lip in this picture is a blister from getting my teeth whitened last week.
lips w/flash2-
lips w/flash3-

top lip1-
top lip3-
top lip4-
top lip5-
top lip7-

bottom lip1-
bottom lip2-


All of the lip marks are smooth/under the skin. My lips still feel smooth except for bite marks and bleaching blister. The gum marks I can feel.

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Herpes does not affect both lips at the same time, and you generally won't find it on the inside of your mouth at the same time either.  Both your description and what little I can tell from your pictures point to Fordyce's condition, small oil glands visible on the pink mucous membrane.  This is a normal variant of what people get and means nothing.  Also, you are spending way too much time staring at and photographing your mouth.  Please let a doctor have a look so you can move on.  Also, avoid unprotected sex and the guilt and anxiety that follow.


Dr. Rockoff
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Also, I forgot to mention there is no pain or itching or burning associated with any of this.
As soon as I noticed them I went and bought all of the most expensive cold sore treatments and chapped lip products from walgreens (over 70$ worth of stuff) and I have been using them, they worked a little bit.. I think..
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Take a look/search in the archives for Fordyce glands (think that is the spelling.) These are tiny glands that show up as white spots on the lips, especially if you pull them tight. They also appear above the last teeth in your mouth. I never noticed them before, but went a little bonkers and started seeing them in my mouth and was very worried.

Bet you will be able to relax a bit when you read what the Doctor has said in the past about this. I am willing to be the Doctor will have positive news for you.
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Just checked out your pics, and they sure look  a lot like what I have, Fordyce Condition-Sebaceous cysts of not great concern. After doctor Rockoff told me that was what they probably were, my dentist confirmed it.
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A related discussion, I have this little white bumbs around my mouth was started.
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