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White pasty dischange under foreskin
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White pasty dischange under foreskin

I  am 21 years old, not circumscized.I have been battling with (probably) a yeast infestion on the head and foreskin of my penis for about 2-3 months( 2 weeks canesten, comes back after 7 days, 3 weeks canesten, comes back afer 1 week,etc). First, is there something to do? and now I stopped putting cream on, but when I masturbate there are white pasty pellets that form under my foreskin(quite a few)and it never did that before. What are these and how can I treat it? thanks.
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Dear rupert22,

Thanks for writing in.

This is a very common problem. It is called smegmitis.

Basically, it is an allergy to the normal penile secretion called smegma.

Smegma is a fluid that is continuously secreted by the penile glands. It tends to get accumulated under the uncircumsized foreskin and sometimes it may cause an allergy and produces symptoms akin to a yeast infection. Usually, no treatment is required.

My suggestion would be to clean the penis with normal tap water and simple soap 2-3 times daily for a fortnight or so.

This may help you to a great extent. Do not use any creams or canesten as you have already have received enough drugs. This doesn’t sound like an yeast infection to me.

You may go to a dermatologist and get yourself tested for yeast infection (scraping) if this doesn't help.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Gaurang Krishna
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