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Yeast infection on penis?
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Yeast infection on penis?


My problem seems very similar to a query posted on this site by 'Tom'.

About six weeks ago I developed a sore patch, about the size of a penny, on the end of my penis. It appeared immediately after sex with my girlfriend, and I thought that it was just irritation (although it did surprise me - we did nothing unusual).
The patch didn't go away, even though we stopped having sex, and after a week if anything it was worse, starting to flake and the skin became slightly broken. Blisters weren't obvious, but if they were present they were very small. There was no pain or discharge or any other symptoms, just a very slight itching.

I assumed that it must be herpes and went a few days later to an STD clinic, who agreed that it might be herpes, and took a swab. This did not test positive for herpes, but the doctor told me that this might have been because it was starting to heal.

After another two weeks the sore patch started to heal over, and after three it had smoothed over with clean, pink skin. I had not been touching it or having sex at all.

Yesterday for the first time in a while I masturbated, as it looked safe to do so, but I was careful not to touch the 'area' which had been sore. Immediately the redness came back. This morning it is much worse (bright red, with darkish broken lines)and the skin looks like it is about to break /blister. It doesn't hurt or sting, just itches slightly.

Can you advise?


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The fact that your rash has persisted for weeks argues against herpes, because herpes goes away in a week or two (though of course it can recur.)

What you describe sounds like irritation or eczema.  Whatever made your penis sore, once an area of skin is sensitive, then even normal exposures can redden it and perpetuate the condition.  (Imagine if your hands were irritated and you kept washing dishes . . .)

To reverse the condition requires not just leaving the spot alone but applying something anti-inflammatory.  Over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone is safe to try.  Beyond that, your doctor can prescribe a stronger but still gentle preparation.

I advise you to consult a dermatologist, who can set your mind at ease diagnostically, and get rid of the issue once and for all.


Dr. Rockoff
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IT SEEMS AS THOUGH I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM-THE spot appeared overnight-(after sex)...HAS NEVER TRULY GONE AWAY-IT ONCE BLED AFTER MASTURBATION.IT CHANGES COLOR AFTER ANY KIND OF SEX-from red to purple-AND I have had it treated by a doctor with TRIMOVATE CREAM 30g. which failed to really do anything.
ANY help would be apprieciated as I feel as though I can never enjoy sex again
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