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butt rash
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butt rash

I have a butt-crack rash that won't go away, I thought it was heat rash from
working out, it's been a month now.  I have tried Aveeno diaper rash cream,
Bacitracin, and Triamcinolone{Acetonide Cream}.  Other than go see a
dermatologist-what can you suggest?   Thank you, Stephie Ann
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There could be several causes for the symptoms you are having. You should reconsult with your doctor to rule out the following possible causes -

'Perfumes, chemicals, or dye on toilet paper can cause an allergic reaction.

Moisture from sweat or diarrhea may cause itching. If the anal skin stays wet, the skin begins to break down.

Some foods irritate the anus when they are expelled during a bowel movement. The most common culprits are caffeine, chocolate, beer, nuts, dairy products, and spicy food.

Infections such as pinworms, yeast, and genital warts can cause itching.

Hemorrhoids, which cause painful swelling of blood vessels in the anal area, can cause itching.

Cancer, in rare instances, may be a cause.'

There are certain factors which predispose to the risk of developing anal itching as a symptom.

'Factors that put people most at risk for anal itching are as follows:


Recent antibiotic use

Chronic dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrhea

Profuse sweating.'

Do discuss these with your doctor and exclude any possible causes in your case.

Post us if you need any further information and let us know about how you are doing.

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I have a similar problem.  At the doctor's advice, I tried Nystatin for 10 days.. it did nothing.  Ketoconazole for 2 weeks, and that did nothing.  Then I tried the oral pill Terbinafine for 10 days, and that did nothing at all.

Cortizone creme will make the redness go away, but then it comes right back when I stop using it.  And it's not good to use cotrizone cream, so I don't use that.  

Going to see a dermatologist soon.  

I do eat lots of nuts and seeds in my diet. And the rash came on when I added those thing to my diet a few years ago.  Maybe that is it?
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