cluster of small pimples or blisters - acne or ?
by vivela, May 16, 2009
Hello!  I have a small area of skin on the side of my nose, right by the inside corner of my eye, where there is a cluster of what looks like small pimples or blisters.  The cluster is just a bit bigger than a pencil eraser but irregular in shape, and there are maybe 8 or so bumps, each about the size of a pencil point.  The area is somewhat raised and a bit red and shiny.  They bumps don't seem exactly like pimples, as they are somewhat indistinct from one another, and seem to have more of a clear fluid in them.  They don't go through any predictable life cycle, although they do vary in size and number from time to time.  I have had this condition for over a year - sometimes it's a little better, sometimes it's a little worse.  I do wear glasses with a plastic nose pad, and I wondered if it was an irritation from that, but it's not where the nose pad sits, and I don't have any problem on the other side.  Overall, my skin is a bit on the oily side, with a minor amount of regular acne.  I am female and 37 years old.  

Any ideas what this could be and how to treat it?  Thank you for your help!
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