cyst on skull
by kimberrr3, Apr 02, 2008
I had a cyst on my skull/scalp, whichever you prefer, and it caused me a lot of discomfort so I decided to go ahead and have a specialist surgically remove it because they said that this would be most effective.

A while later I started to realize that it was starting to grow back. It is even larger than before and hurts badly. I get a lot of headaches and recently been diagnosed with seizures, which I know is also a neurologic thing. Should I be concerned that the cyst may be cause problems?

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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Apr 02, 2008

Did they do a biopsy on the removed cyst?

Was you physician able to discuss with you the possible diagnosis?

How large is the cyst?

Was it red, skin colored or more bonelike ?

Was it itchy or painful?

I suggest that you have youself seen by a neuologist. You may need to have an MRI done to rule out involvement of deeper cranial structures.The involvement of deeper structures and tissues and the location of the cyst may give an idea if the cyst is directly causing you seizures. An EEG may supplement this.

I understand you are worried about this.It is best to take this one step at a time.The earlier you get a consult,the better.
by lilpricandiva, Sep 22, 2008
Hello, I was recently diagnosed with a cyst which is on the back of my skull. My doctor said she can feel it but can't see it. Since then, it has grown a little bigger than what is was before. My symptoms were as follows: left neck tightness, left shoulder, arm and hand numb and pins and needles going through it. Bad headaches along with some pressure where the cyst is. Numbness on my left side of tongue. Sensitivity to light and loud noises. Sometimes I get confused when talking.  I had an MRI done of the brain and the nurse at the doctors office said the MRI was normal. I am scheduled to see a Plastic Surgeon in November. What do I do? My doctor feels that the headaches are not coming from the cyst.  In 2002, I had spinal surgery where I had 2 rods and 4 pins put in. I had my son in April 2007 and since I had him,  I have been having terrible back pains. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and everything was intact. My doctor is also sending me to a back specialist. Is it a possibility that these 2 are connected with everything. I have a good feeling that my doctor feels the cyst on my skull has something to do with my spine. Is this possible?
by lala_Lolita, Nov 25, 2008
I have a lump/bump on the top of my head, a little above my forehead. I have actually had it since I was 5 and I am 21 now. It seems to have gotten bigger in the past couple of years. It really doesn't bother me except it itches sometimes. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, about it because my mom never knew it was there. He said it might be a cyst ot a benign tumor but hes not sure and told me to take some antibiotic. I did and nothing happened. The thing is it doesn't really bother me but I am really curious as to what it is.

I always thought it was the result of me falling off the top of a truck when I was 5 and landing on my head on the concrete driveway. That it was just a bump from that.

Should I go back to see him for a catscan and xray to see what it is. Also I am not sure if its connected but I have a problem where my hands shake a lot. We didn;t know if it was neurological or just something my body does. Could it be attributed to the lump?
by sonstar, Sep 24, 2011
I also have a few cyst on my head , and my forehead , I had one removed a few years ago, it grew back , the one on my forehead bothers me causes painfull headaches recently and they all itch. I have 3 on my head in total.