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eczema on penis?
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eczema on penis?


over a month ago, a rash appeared on the shaft of my penis after
masturbation.  comprised of small red bumps they took about two
weeks to disappear, a few left behind tiny little scars.  they didn't
hurt or itch, but were a little sensitve.

i have had a long term case of eczema on my hands and i would like
to know if eczema can be spread in this manner.

since the initial breakout, masturbating has several more times
lead to the same condition (basically the same areas of the penis, but
recently appearing on the head) with no incidences between.  it also seems
that showering or drying of the genital area seems to keep this at bay.

a second question, could this affect my sex partners?  if unprotected?

what to do?

though, i have had unprotected sex with a handful of people i knew very well at the time, i truly doubt that i have an STD.  my skin has troubled me in one way or another my entire adolescent/adult life, but this is really the most concerning yet.

best, thewaitingroom
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This sounds more like folliculitis (blocked pores) than eczema.  It certainly does not sound like an STD or anything transmissible.  I would keep it dry and clean, but not wash too much.  Unless it worsens or changes, I don't think you need to give it much more thought.


Dr. Rockoff
Avatar n tn

looking at my original description...  i didn't mention the somewhat dry and scaly areas that have tended to linger a bit longer.  also, these areas are somewhat more sensitive than others.  reminds me again of eczema...

thanks for your comments and general presence online.

best, twr
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