elongated boney protrusion/bulge on top of skull
by gnab, Jul 18, 2009
The top of  my head has developed an elongated, boney buldge running on the top center, starting at the forehead and traveling backwards to the near back of the top of my skull.  What is this?  Should it be treated?

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by jfc12, Jul 19, 2009
any possible cause of it... bony protrussious are just normal for newly born infants... its called molding... the caput sucadaneum... please specify its possible cause and its appearance...
by myapzumba, Mar 03, 2010
thank you for bringing this up.  This gave me great concern.  My son is 4 months old and has just gotten this same bulge in his forehead in the past 3 weeks.  It wasn't evident any sooner.  Does it stay?  It is not a characteristic of his father or myself.  We were concerned that it suddenly sprang up.  How long does it take to go away?  

Should there be any concerns at all?

by Julia2010, Mar 11, 2010
it could be the ridge of the metopic suture. Which is normal.. and sometimes with babies a ridge can be a sign of craniosyntosis (sp?) but sometimes its just quite normal.
by Julia2010, Mar 11, 2010
my son has it
by tvr77, Mar 20, 2010
hi i to have a long boney bulge/lump going from my forehead to back of skull im not a newborn im 27 years old, just wanderin did you find any answers about it iv been a little worried as i keep getting head aches as well now.
by Zeddo, May 17, 2010
yes indeed i have developed it too this last year, i'm 100% sure it was not like this before. Have you been taking any strong medications that can increase pressure in skull? Did you get any answer to what's going on?
by mom12321, Oct 24, 2010
I'm in my late 50's and have developed a long boney bulge/lump going from my forehead to the back of my skull, too. Does anyone know what is going on?  I am pretty good at medical research but can not find anything on this strange malady!    I have been on arimidex for breast cancer for 20 months which has caused bad bone pain, particularly in my feet.

Any thoughts?
by Julzzz, Nov 24, 2010
I've always had a pronounced "knot" on the rear base of my skull, level with my ears...
but within the last year I've, I guess grown a protrusion on top rear of my head, it's about 2 inches wide and pretty much aligned with my bald spot. now in the past month I've noticed a ridge forming towards the front of my head. I'm 31 years old, with no head injuries or surgeries, no medications at all, and these lumps feel just as hard as any other part of my head.  

   only thing I can come up with is maybe some sort of calcification like the knot I have on a previously untreated broken rib, but what would cause that on my head with no injury or constant contact, like a bone callus or something...
by cuddz, Dec 01, 2010
Did anyone find out any answers for these boney ridges?
Last week i noticed a boney ridge had developed starting from the hair line at the centre of my forehead and going backwards for about 2 inches - basically to the centre of my head.  I've been getting headaches since around the time i discovered it, feels like the rest of my skull only after touching it or rubbing it my head aches.  Also have been very sleepy, and have had some difficulty concentrating on tasks.  Seen my dr about it and he has no idea what may have caused it or what it is??