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freckle like rash on feet
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freckle like rash on feet

My husband has got these brown spots on the tops of his feet that look like a rash but they have been there for almost 9months now. They dont bother him ( no itching or anything.). They look almost like freckles but not quite. They are spreading over time. At first it was just the tops of feet and a little on the ankles but now it's spreading up his leg. He is obese and I didn't know if that may be the cause. Anyone know what this could be?
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I have the same thing and would be interested to know.
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Any news on this? I have the exact same problem and am curious.
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Me too. I have freckles appearing over the past year on my feet and ankles. I'm in my 50's now, and not in bad shape, about 6 ft. 190 lbs. I am interested to know.
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I did a google search and found this on another web site reply.
Google Question: why freckles appear on my feet

“What you describe sounds like petechiae”

For the past 6-9 months I've had these brown freckle-like splotches
develop on the top of my feet at the base of my toes, around the sides
of my feet and ankles and slowly working up my ankle and lower calf.
I can't help but think it is a circulation problem since it seems like
it's just under the surface of the skin.  There is no noticeable change
in texture of the skin in those areas and no pain whatsoever, but I do
notice slightly lowered sensation where the splotches are present.

When I first started noticing it about 6 months ago, I thought it
would go away, but it's stayed the same and I believe has spread
further up my leg (now to the middle of my calf on my left leg).
About 3 months ago my girlfriend decided to do some acupressure with
bell jars on my ankle, and the one that was able to stick caused a
small dime shaped ring of light brown discoloration that has remained
to this day.

I'm worried about what the condition might be and the type of medical
attention it may require.  I've considered seeing a dermatologist, but
it's quite tough to fit into my current schedule.  I'd appreciate any
help in figuring out what this is and whether it is serious or just a
minor issue.

What you describe sounds like petechiae. The pictures you supplied
most certainly appear to be petechiae. Petechiae are intradermal
hemorrhages, that is bleeding under the skin. They are small spots,
and can look differently on different people. In fact, the picture in
the clarification was of a foot with petechiae. Petechiae change in
color as they fade? red to purplish, tan and yellow. A simple but
non-definitive test to determine if this is petechiae is to press on
the skin with a thumb or finger. Petechiae do not blanch when pressed,
while other skin disorders will blanch (becomes pale upon pressure)

  Causes of petechiae are many, and can be from a simple allergy to
medication (that’s why I asked if you were on any medications) to a
low platelet count to an infection to leukemia, among others. If for
nothing more than peace of mind, please visit your doctor for an exam
and diagnosis.

There are many conditions in which petechiae may be seen. These
conditions range from very minor to very major. The common causes of
petechiae include local injury and trauma, allergic reactions,
autoimmune diseases, viral infections that impair blood coagulation
(clotting), thrombocythemia (an abnormally high platelet level),
certain medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy,
idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), leukemia and other bone
marrow malignancies that may lower the number of platelets, and sepsis
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