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lip discolouration
Myndaughter is 13 yrs old and her lower lip got discoloured , become fade pink, look like inner part of lip color. It is a u shaped patch in middle of lower lip.
I am worried whether it is vitiligo but the color is pink , not white. no other body part has any discolouration.
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Dear Ambalika,

Thanks for posting your query. It would have been very helpful if I could see a picture of the lesion. However, I will try to provide my opinion based on your description. There seem to be two possibilities here. One is pre-vitiligo and the other is a allergic contact dermatitis or inflammatory response to something that she is licking. A less likely possibility is cheilitis.

I would be able to help you better if you can give me some more information:

1) How long has she been having this patch?
2) Does she often lick her lips?
3) Does she have any symptoms other than the pink patch on lower lip?
4) On giving firm pressure, does the lesion becomes de-pigmented/white?
5) Does she have a thyroid disorder?
6) Is the lesion soft to feel or is there any kind of hardness felt?
7) Does she habitually lick a pencil or pen while studying?
8) Any history of photo-sensitivity (itching or burning when she goes out in sunlight)?
9) What’s her normal skin color?

Kindly get back me to with the above information so that I can suggest you better. Perhaps she should also be clinically examined by a competent dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Bharat Chawda
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