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my purple mark photo story

I am relatively healthy, 25 years old, female.

My complexion is quite light (white skin-brown hair) and my skin is sensitive. This means that I get irritated easily and I tend to bruise. I never sunbathe or use tan beds and I always wear sunscreen and use products for sensitive skins.

Here's my story:

last August, i got bitten (or stung?) by some insect on the back of my arm. There was an bump with a dark center (a sting? blood?) and a reddish ring around and it looked bruised for a couple of days. I didn't pinch it or squeeze it, i let it heal and it healed indeed, leaving a brown-ish mark.

That's a pic of my insect bite in August:


And that's a pic of it healed. It is purple-ish/brown-ish but there's no visible wound. It looks like it's got blood inside but it's healed on the surface so I never bothered it.


In September, I hit my arm against a table and it somehow got irritated again, in the sense that it got a bit painful and slightly bruised. Unfortunately, i squeezed it like crazy until it bled. I wanted to see if there would be a sting coming out or pus but only blood came out. I put some antibiotic cream on it and it healed greatly, leaving a pink mark.

In November, I hit my arm against a table (again!i am clumsy, i know!) and it got bruised again. I pinched it softly and although it didn't bleed this time, I could see the blood spreading on the upper layers of the skin, giving it again a dark-red/purple colour. Here is a pic of it late November:


Now it seems to have healed more but it has still left a little brown mark. It's been almost 7 months. Shouldn't it have healed?

Here is a pic of it today:


I haven't been to a dermatologist because I have no insurance at the moment. My pathologist thinks it is an insect bite and the dark thing in the center is a blood build-up. The pharmacist told me it is a blood blister on an old insect bite.

I really don't know what it is. Could it be cancer??
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