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penis head turned to grey color without any pain
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penis head turned to grey color without any pain

Immediately when i noticed a change in penis head turning gray i applied some moisture,
The grey layer is washed twice and is not seen(now the infection is not seen)

After applying moisture and caneten for one day i noticed slight burning in the penis head

I then went to a dermatologist he disfigured any abnormality, he gave medication for Disuria

after medication i had burning sensation after urination, when i noticed that gray color change on the penis i do not have any burning pain.

I doubt may be some fungal infection which is not seen i carefully noticed that some dry grey layer very light in color is seen on the penis head, if penis is wet i cannot even notice this symptom


1. Color of the penis head became dull and week
2. wrinkles formed on the penis head
3. One day I even noticed change in the sperm color to light green

What kind of infection may cause these symptoms

This discussion is related to redness/spots and wrinkles on head of penis.
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From the symptoms it can be balanoposthitis. It is an inflammation of the glans (glands) penis.Oral course of antibiotics is needed. In addition, please don’t use any cosmetics on the penis, instead use some topical antimicrobials like Bacitracin or Lotrimin. Also corticosteroids and topical immunosuppressants can be used but they are available under prescription. Also retract the foreskin daily and soak in warm water to clean penis and foreskin. In case the symptoms persist then please consult a urologist/dermatologist for evaluation and antimicrobials and steroids prescription.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

Hello Doctor,

I am 27 years old.

There are some grey patches or I can say dark brown or black color on the top my penis head, on both sides, left side and right side. The lower half is OK. I have an uncircumcised penis.

The only problem is changed color, neither it gives me any pain, nor any itchiness. No bumps in skin, its plain. No blood. I get nice irrection. Good health.

This problem  persists since last year as I didn't considered it as a problem.
But today I searched the internet and lots of funny comments made me almost crazy.

Couple of years back I had a penile infection(small cuts on penis shaft and at the junction of shaft and penis head), and the doctor prescribed me FLUCANAZOLE and DASKIL ointment.
Its was treated.

But now what is it, what is this strange color.
My doc said its nothing.
Please help me figure it out.
What should I do now?
I Am 16 years old i have a a greyich coulor on the right and left side near the string, i dont know wht it is and i never have had any pain or medical issues. I am using a cream becuse my foreskinn was wery tight but its not anymore can this cream have anything to do whit it?
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