rash on head of penis
by manilow, Jul 18, 2005
I have had a rash occur gradually on the head of my penis for about six months. a red discoloration with small bumps.The condition worsens after sex with the penis becoming completely red and very sensitive.Ive seen a dermatlogist, a skin sample was taken to confirm there was no std, there was no std.a perscription of protopic was perscribed but is doing little good. This is getting very frustrating and become a nuisance.Two dermatologist have had no answer for me.Can you please offer help or suggestions
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Jul 18, 2005
I think they did have an answer for you, namely that this is irritation and not an infection.  When the penis skin is irritated, the redness can last for some time after the irritation is gone.  Moisture and friction can make the redness redder, temporarily, but that doesn't mean anything.  You may need to live with discoloration for a while.  It is not permanent.  There is no specific treatment for it; the less you do, often the better.  It is not contagious.

Please check with the doctors who saw you for more guidance.


Dr. Rockoff
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by zero1234, Jul 18, 2005
hey. about a year and a month ago i recieved unprotected oral sex. maybe about a month ago, after being sexually involved with a second female, i started noticing these kind of like pores(red dots with white tip) on the head of my penis and inside of my foreskin. im not sure what it would be. it has been itching me latly and after a couple days it goes away then returns gradually taking about 1-2 days to fully come back. it is gone for about 2-5 days,, then it returns. only today has it been pussins a little bit, but i was scratching it alot today. i am uncerc. and i have been sexually active with 2 people and i am a frequent masturbator. please tell me what this could be and maybe give me some recommendations. im raelly worried about this.oh and when i rub with it the skin on my head seems to peel off. slightly not alot. thank you soo much
by zero1234, Jul 18, 2005
sorry one more thing, the first girl was not a virgin, the second one was. is it possible to recieved the first signs of something dangerous such as herpes or something like that(STD) a year later,
by zero1234, Jul 18, 2005
lol onnne more thing. the rash started coming about maybe 3-4 weeks ago, but about 4 months after we started being sexually involved.i was thinking it could aslo maybe be a heat rash because it has been really hot and humid the past couple of weeks and i am outside alot sweating. so i was thinking it could be a buildup of all the sweat, urine and warmth that caused this rash. thanks i think thats it.
by tyler42, Jul 18, 2005
My situation is quite similar. I've always suffered from jock itch (fungus) in the area between the scrotum and anus particularly. Several weeks ago I awoke to this huge red bump on the head of my penis and went immediately to the STD clinic. Dr said had no idea but ran the tests. Herpes, hiv, syphylis, etc etc all came back negative. Dr. said well whatever it's not serious (thats because he didnt have this huge bump on the head of his ****). Anyhow suggested i try anti fungal cream. I religiously smothered it in the cream and within 3 or 4 days it started looking signifigantly better. After about 2 weeks it looked totally normal again. It never itched or anything. Then about 2 weeks ago, I got it again, almost in the exact same spot but not exactly. So I asked myself what was the link between this episode and the last.  The link was using copious amounts of oily lubricant, and evidently washing didn't get it entirely clean or pores were clogged or who knows what.  Anyhow, I again went to the regimen of huge amounts of anti fungal cream, and it is close to perfect again,almost anyhow. The fine print on the cream says absolutely continue to use 2 weeks after the condition clears up or it can come back with a vengence.  So for now, that is my assumption. The big red non itchy bump on the head of my **** clears up with anti fungal cream after a week or so.
by andrewandrew, Aug 08, 2005
well the situation for me is:

i woke up this morning around 10:00 am and my penis had a bad itch at the head of the penis. i thought it was just something i could get rid of because it felt good to masturbate, so i masturbated but it still was itchy afterwards.

i looked at it closely under the foreskin and there were a bunch of tiny red dots on the head, and one on the inside of the foreskin. When i'm just sitting or soing nothing, it doesn't itch,but out of nowhere, it may start.

This worries me because i had sex 2 days previously.
but i dont think its realated to that, because this might not be the first time, because a year ago or so it was itchy, and i didnt check if there were red dots, and then it went away the next day.
and the time last year, i was a virgin.

i lost it two days ago, i hope somebody knows whats going on here.

thanks alot.

(p.s) I only just turned 15, and im a little embarassed to go to a doctor unless it's MUCH more serious.
because im pretty sure it's not a std/sti.


by nathan1234, Aug 09, 2005
hi well..

when i was younger (about 10-11) i noticed stange little white spots on my foreskin i didnt think nothing much of them and hoped they'd go away. Then i got sexually active when i was 15 and me and my girlfriend did use protection for a while then we just stoped (stupid me because she has slept with other people without protection) and all of a sudden about 5 months later i have got little red spots (aswell as the white ones on my fore skin) inside my foreskin on the head of my penis i am more worried than ever and im scared...

please some one give me a little info please

by nathan1234, Aug 09, 2005

none of the spots hurt or irritate me at all so could i still have something?

by JasonMG, Sep 10, 2005
Hey nathan,

I have done alot of reading about various skin conditions and STI's over the past few years and learned that those white spots you describe are usually known as 'pearly papules' and are completely normal, most men have them. If they are prevelant over the length of your shaft they could be hair follicles, look closely and you may see very fine hairs growing out of them (may need bright sunlight). As for the red spots they sound like a rash of some sort, herpes usually develop within 2-20 days of contact and start out as red areas which rapidly turn into raised, clear blisters which eventually burst, scab over and heal. There are a number of symptoms which accompany the herpes virus have a look on google and see how you go. I would go get it checked out just to be sure, you will sleep alot easier!