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red spot on hand
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red spot on hand

I have a 1.25 inch smooth round red spot on top of my hand. Not raised.  Cortisone cream gets rid of it in a few days, but it comes back in about six weeks. This is my fourth "attack." A little itchy, but not much. I'm 79 yrs.old and in excellent health.

Any idea what it is?


This discussion is related to help! red round patch on face that comes and goes in same spot.
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Pityriasis rosea (PR) is a common, harmless human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash, mainly on the torso.Due to similarities early in the disease course,other conditions to be considered  are ringworm, psoriasis and discoid eczema.
No treatment is usually required. In most patients, the condition lasts only a matter of weeks; in some cases it can last longer (up to six months).
In cases of severe symptomatic itching, topical or oral steroids may be used.
cortisone cream also helps if this is due to the alternate conditions mentioned above.
All of them are known to recur.
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