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redness around eyes
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redness around eyes

since i was young i have always had redness around my eyes...  on the edges of my eyelids where the lashes grow.  This is every single day not just an on and off thing.  when i was younger i use to get styes alot, i am 19 now and don't get them as often as i used to, but i have one on each eye now on the lower eyelids and i hate it more than i remember.  but i mostly hate my eyelids being red every day and sometimes theres a little white bubble at the point where every one of my eyelashes grows out of my lower eyelid.  My lower eyelashes grow very sparsely and when they do manage to grow they fall out so easily.  I always got made fun of by people saying i'm on drugs and i hate it. The only doctor i ever went to about it was when i was younger and he just gave me stye ointment but i know it's not styes because i get those to.  help me!  what do you think this could be?  (my eyes are also very sensitive every day to wind, light, and things getting in them all the time)
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I'm not sure why your eyelids are red.  Do you rub them?  If not, and that's your natural color, then my only advice is to hide the color (makeup, glasses.)

Sorry I can't be more specific.  Perhaps an eye doctor might make suggestions.


Dr. Rockoff
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