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round peach colored spots on skin
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round peach colored spots on skin

They started on my lower back about the size of a quarter... haven't changed size, but now they have spread to my right and left pelvic/hip region, and under both my arms. As far as I can see they seem to be somewhat peach colored (keep in mind I have very fair skin)... Some have pepper size red spots. Also, none of them are itchy... I was told it could be ring worm, but I've been using a topical treatment on all areas and nothing has changed. Does anyone have any ideas as to what they could be? I don't have medical to go and see a dermatologist or anything... just curious... Thank you
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Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be pityriasis rosea, or nummular dermatitis.

Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and sometimes by itching.

No treatment is usually required. In most patients, the condition lasts only a matter of weeks or months(upto six months).Severe cases may need steroids.

If the rash persists then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist.Other possibilities have to be ruled out then.

Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

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