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sebaceous cyst help.
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sebaceous cyst help.

i have what i believe to be sebaceous cyst's on my scrotum.  they are tiny, hard, white bumps that don't itch or irritate me in any way except that they look bad.  they appeared 6 or 7 months ago and just sit there.

i have read that to avoid getting these sebaceous cyst's, taking a daily dosage of omega 3 and 6 essential oils will help prevent these things.

occasionaly, and it has happened only twice to me, they get infected.  they get larger and red, and if i squeeze them puss comes out.

so i have a few questions,

do these things sound like sebaceous cysts?

will taking the oil help with preventing these?

what do i do with the infected area?  can i put antibacterial cream on it?  will antibacterial soap help keep them from getting infected?  any additional information i should know?

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Sebaceous cysts are sacs just beneath the skin that are filled with an oily, white, semisolid material called sebum. If the sebum becomes infected, the cyst will be red and painful.

Sebaceous Cysts are primarily a cosmetic problem or a nuisance if they form in body regions that are easily irritated, such as the armpit. These cysts are benign and do not develop into cancer.

Treatment is to remove  the entire cyst wall and its contents. If not, recurrence of the cyst is certain. If a cyst becomes infected, treatment may include administering antibiotics and then surgically removing the cyst. The total sac of the Sebaceous Cyst must be removed. If the cheesy material is just squeezed out, the cyst will reform.

Good hygiene may prevent the formation of Sebaceous Cysts. Daily showers or baths with antibacterial soap are recommended. In individuals predisposed to them they will recur.
There is no evidence to support the fact that taking the oils you mentioned will prevent them.
Hi can you pls give me sum advice on genital folliculitis...
I have had this condition mildly for about 6 months,not only is it driving me crazy scratching my scrotum red raw in my sleep its very sore and extremly ichy.Ive recenly been to and sdt clinic,because i was convinced by the small lumps n bumps in clusters that it was an std.

How ever ive been assured after tests,water sample and blood and swab tests that its mild folliculitis.Which is not an std,not contagous at all. Ive been given an e45 cream of which made my condition worsten,and a hyrocortozone cream which does the same agrivates it more.

I shower every morning when i rise,use the same lemmon shower gel ive used for years,not changed the washing powder,now ive been told not to use shower gel at all for a few weeks,and to stop wearing my boxer shorts for as long as possible... The only crem that relieves the iching is a strong steriod cream which i use sparingly called benavate ointment which i had from my own Dr some time ago for an exzma prob,as i,m allergic to nickle on my belt which flares up on my belly when it comes in to contact with it.

Ive had this condition for several months tryed every thing seen a few diff Dr,s and visited an std clinic,and yet ive just woken up scratching my self red raw again.Any advice would be much apprieciated.Many thanks.gaza
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