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skin-colored bumps on penis
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skin-colored bumps on penis

Dear Dr. Rockoff,

6 months ago I discovered a cluster of skin-colored bumps on my penis, located exactly in the middle of the bottom area. I don't know for how long they are there, could be 1 year or could be even much more.

Looking closely in other areas on my penis, I can see additional non-clustered single small bumps.

I managed to take two pictures:

close up of the bumps:

skin stretched:

I took me some time, but after looking through the internet I discovered that these could be genital warts.

I am now *extremely* worried, to the point I cannot stop thinking of this.

I've had only 3 sexual partners in my lifetime, and the last one is my wife for the past 7 years. She has no such condition, but I am concerned that my previous sexual partner (last time, 7.5 years ago), may have had.

I am embarrassed to state this but I must also note that I used to masturbate daily, and because I used no lubrication (often used my shirt), I would often cause small tears on the skin. I clearly remember having a wound of some sort in the exact location of these bumps, but I cannot remember if the bumps were already there or not.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
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I can't really say for sure from your photos, but I don't think those are warts.  I suggest you set aside internet research and see a skin doctor in person, who can probably tell by looking or do a test if needed.  Then you can forget about them, in all likelihood.  I don't think your masturbation had anything to do with it.


Dr. Rockoff
Masturbation cannot harm you and is a natural part of growing up. You have had very few sexual partners and have been faithful to your wife so please stop beating yourself up over this!  Genital warts come up a few weeks after contact not seven years later. I think you need treating for anxiety, as you're getting obsessed with this, maybe anti-depressants or diazepam could help. x
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