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small bumps on penis head & scrotum
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small bumps on penis head & scrotum

Hi Doc,

I am a 30 years old healthy male. I have good sex drive and indulge in sex and masturbation very often, almost daily. I have noticed small bumps on my penis head and small nodules on my scrotum since last couple of years.

I have seen couple of posts on the similar issue but posting my problem again as i just want to be sure about it.
I would like to attach pics of the region but i dont know how to do it or if it is allowed here. I will try to explain as best as i can, below.

There are two parts to the problem -

1. Since last couple of years I have noticed small bumps/nodules on my scrotum. If I stretch the skin and look very closely, i see numerous small bumps(which i initially thought were hair roots or something). However some of these grew bigger, maybe around 2-3 mm in diameter and thats when I thought of consulting the doc. These bumps/warts(?) normally didn't increase in size after they reached 3mm or so. Also, there is no pain when i press them.
Also, some of them, when smaller in size, used to secrete pus-like substance when I tried to burst them by pressing. But i dont think it is pus as it was semi solid. The bigger ones, since i wasnt able to burst them by pressing, i went to a doctor.
As per the doc, the bumps on my scrotum were 'sebacious cysts'(i hope i got the spelling right) and were 'harmless'. He suggested me to go ahead with surgical removal ONLY for cosmetic reasons, which i did. The med team removes 3 of them. However, again after 1 year or so, i have noticed that these cysts coming on my scrotum with the same symptoms.

2. There are very small white bumps on the head of my penis. I never noticed them earlier so i do not know if they been around for years or are a recent facet of my penis. Again these are painless and seem to contain white-pale white semi solid fluid which comes out if i press and burst anyone of these.
When i am erect and my glans (glands) are swollen(thanks to my wife), these bumps are easily noticable. Also, recently I have seem some of them turn reddish in colour, but there is no pain at all. However, i feel(and i may be wrong here) that with these bumps, my penis head has become more sensitive.

For both of these issues, I have the following questions -
- Is this normal? (i dont think so its normal, but still would like to get your expert opinion)
- Can these be caused due to excessive masturbation or stimulation of genitals without using a lubricant?
- Do i need to bother about these and get them removed again?
- Can this condition with transferred to my sexual partner?
- Could this be genetic and is it possible for my children to be affected by the same.

I would really appreciate if you could take some time out to reply to these and ease my tension a bit.

Thanks a ton !
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Did they answer yet? I believe I have the same issues, and walk in clinic doc's are trying but..i don't know if the answers are going to be the same..

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I am not an expert but you better consult with a dermatologist by your description and your sexual activity you may want to check out a dermatology website there are several. What kind of lubricant are you using
for masturbation? You may have  simple dermatitis. On the other hand  you may have STD genital warts and that is very easily passed on to your
partner you say you were at the doc remember that was then and this is now.
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