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small redish bumps on head of pennis!!
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small redish bumps on head of pennis!!

I received oral sex from a girl with HPV.  A few months later small redish areas(pen head size) started showing up on the head of my pennis.  When I look really close, I can see there are little red blood vessels or veins, that make up the redness.  Every now and then one of the red spots will raise up.  It is pretty soft but I can still fill it with my finger tips.
I went to the health clinic 3 different times  and the nurses said it might be dermatitis, they put vinegar on it and nothing happened, they said as of now it is not warts.  When I tried the vinegar test the raised up bump turned lighter.  

I know I shouldn't have done this, but I wanted this to go away, so I squeezed the bump, first clear liquid came out, then I squeezed and picked at it some more and it blead some.  I them put vinegar on it and the part that was opened turned white.  To clean it out I put proxide on it and then it turned extremly white, and it even looked like the blood vessels and veins were turning white, like the proxide got into my blood stream through the opened bump.  After all of that the bump flatened out and went away.  

This has happened a few more times and they go away every time.  When they do show up it seems to happen pretty quick.  But recently another one showed up I squeezed it and I think I made it worse, the next day it was bigger and harder only the center part turned white from vinegar, but I'm scared and don't really know what to do.

I also had 3 small skin colored bumps, one on my inner leg, one one the upper part of my pubic hair, and one where my shaft is attached to my body. these where very small, didn't turn white with vinegar, and they came off with tweezers when I pulled them.  They blead some, and have never came back since.  

Could you please try and explain what is going on?

Do you think I have A STD? If not what else could it be? are those blood vessels normal (they weren't there before)? Are the bumps on the head of my pennis related to the other ones I found? Why did some bumps turn white and some didn't?  Why did the peroxide have the reaction that it did (It had the same reaction even when I didn't use the vinegar first)? I'm not circumsized, could that have anything to do with it?

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What's going on is that fear of having contracted something from oral sex has made you pay excessively close attention to your penis and surrounding tissues.  Please don't squeeze your bumps, examine your blood vessels, or put vinegar on anything.  Many men have blood vessels near the head of the penis--you probably didn't look that closely before.

If your visits to the nurses didn't reassure you, I suggest that you leave your skin alone and show the bumps and red spots to your doctor.  But I don't think you contracted an STD.


Dr. Rockoff
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