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Am i at risk of having diabetes?

I made a post at the eye care community about the problems I've had with my eyes lately. I have been wearing prescription eyeglasses with L: -1.00 and R: -1.50 for more than a month and 2 weeks ago I've had headaches and my vision is blurry. I have checked with the optometrist and my results came with L:-1.50 R: -1.75.  I was supposed to be scheduled for contacts fitting 2 days after the opto checked my eyes but then when they re-checked my eyes the results were L: 0.25 and R: 025. Then i was asked to come the following day for re-check then the results were L: 0.50 R: -1.00. I also visited other 2 optical shops and the results were not close to the previous one.

The doctor in the eye community told me to have my blood sugar level checked because the variations in the test results might be caused by diabetes.  He told me that at my age (27) it is possible for me to have junvenile diabetes considering that it runs in the family. My mom and her siblings has it but its type II.  Is it possible for me to have type I when my mom has type II?

please enlighten me..

thank you
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