by Joseph90265, Jul 03, 2011
I know that diabetes is not contagious but i just started going out with a girl who's got diabetes type I.  She was diagnosed about two years ago and apparently, she had some viral infection that caused it.  My question is: could she give me the same viral infection, which would cause my body to also develop diabetes.  I've been really thirsty lately, weak and i go to the bathroom a lot.  Could someone give me an insight.  Thank you.
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by babygirlyoyo2002, Jul 03, 2011
Your question would have her still contagious after two years, since you said you just started going out with her. From what I've read there is research showing that the Enterovirus have been found in people with Type 1 diabetes but this study was done in children not adults. And two years is way too long for her to be contagious from a virus that last roughly 10 days. But if you are showing signs and symptoms of diabetes I would get that checked out by your family doctor. Do you have a family history of it? Are you obese? do you have any other symptoms? Hope this helps :)
by Joseph90265, Jul 04, 2011
Yeah i'm gonna do some blood work tomorrow.  The only family member with diabetes that i could think of is my grandfather's brother.  I'm not obese.  Just a little overweight.  Let's wait and see i guess.  Thanks babygirlyoyo!
by VDKALVR, Jul 05, 2011
wow...first and formost...type 1 has been linked to a virus, one that a person is born with not caught during life.  Pluse obesity has nothing to do with type1 only type 2.  The only bloodwork that would be done even by a medical professional is a simple blood glucose test.  Please do some research and understand what the disease actually is before you jump to such conclusions.
by Joseph90265, Jul 06, 2011
Glucose test came back with 4.9mmol/L

Guess must be something else.  Can't think of anything else but malaria (i live in West Africa) or low iron level as i keep feeling dizzy and weak.

Thanks guys.

by babygirlyoyo2002, Jul 08, 2011
I hope you feel better soon!
by Joseph90265, Jul 11, 2011
Thanks very much!