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How can a teen with type 1 diabetes lose weight?
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How can a teen with type 1 diabetes lose weight?

Hi! so I'm 15 years old, im about 5'3 and weigh about 123 pounds. Ever since i was diagnosed last August, i feel like i have kept adding inches to my waistline. This really bothers me because I do NOT want to be overweight and I really feel like I am heading in that direction. I was just wondering if anybody had any advice, and also if anybody could clear up the following rumors?

1. eating meals less than 30 carbs will make you lose weight
2. not taking insulin and then exercising to lower your BG will make you lose weight
3. having a good A1c is key to losing weight
4. you cant lose weight if you aren't on an insulin pump
5. weight loss for people with type 1 diabetes takes WAY longer than for people without it.

If anybody could clear up these rumors or give me any advice that would be fantastic!
Thanks so much for your time!
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I'm not sure you're overweight. Your body mass index (BMI)is less than 22.. 25 is considered normal
30 carbs per meal sounds a little harsh. You need carbs for energy may be 60 to 75.
Excercise for sure. Should be easy at your age Don't know about insulin. This is for your Dr to advise
thanks for the advice! =D well im not quite overweight yet, but i have a lot of flab, especially where I do my injections and its annoying =( any other suggestions?
-Thanks =D
You are not overweight, My daughter(16) put on weight when she was put on insulin(and she has the pump)
She tried the Dukan diet and IT DID NOT WORK--she only lost 1lb in 2 months!!! She had alot of low BS also on that diet and then had to ingest carbs even though she had reduced her insulin.
Best thing to do is lean protein--VEGGIES--and complex carbs in moderation along w/ exercise
she is now beginning to lose weight
thanks so much!
I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 5 years old. I am almost 20. I took a daily injection with mixed insulin then my doc changed me to novolog and lantus. I got a pump in January of 2012. Until then, my BG levels where off the chart and my A1C was over 11. I know how frustrating diabetes can be, so I'd like to help in any way I can. I know it's been a while since this was posted, but I figured I'd reply anyway.

So, rumor #1: As a diabetic, a healthy diet and balanced diet is a must, otherwise you will have keytones all the time and starving yourself to lose weight is never the answer.

#2: Skipping an insulin dosage (even 1!) will only cause your BG to increase. Even of you exercise right after eating. As soon as you put food in your mouth, enzymes and proteins begin the breakdown of food. When digestion begins, a healthy pancreas secretes insulin. If you take away your body's insulin by skipping injections, the BG increases. A little known fact: if you exercise with an elevated BG level, the adrenaline only increases it more. This leads to yet more keytones and puts you at risk for DKA (diabetic keytoacidosis); this is very dangerous and requires hospitalization. I experienced this my junior year of high school.

Rumor 3: If you skip injections you won't have a good A1c. Also, high glucose makes you hold more "water weight." It also messes up hormones and other things that regulate different body functions.

Rumor 4: This isn't true. Personally, being on injections made my sugar high constantly because I didn't have the constant basal dose keeping my levels normal. This (again) messes with normal body function.

Rumor 5: As a diabetic, you should expect to have a harder time than those with a healthy pancreas. Our bodies are more delicate, in a sense. You may have notices scabs take longer to heal, you may get sick easier. This is because of the hormones and enzymes that are no longer secreted by your body. Weight loss  isn't much different but it is possible.

Healthy snacks, portion control, and grains are very helpful to a diabetic. Keeping your BG at a normal level is important to all body function, not just weight loss.
If your blood sugar drops, drink juice and eat fruit rather than a sugar filled debbie cake.
You can exercise as long as you keep a close watch on your BG.

I hope this helps you, and again sorry it's so longer after the original post date. I also apologize for any spelling errors. I'm on my phone =)
Best wishes,
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