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Hypoglycemia and Weakness in Legs
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Hypoglycemia and Weakness in Legs


I was diagnosed as Hypoglycemic and my question is related to symptoms of the condition. I am a male and am 25 years old.

Lately, especially after alcohol consumption (i am a ciggerate smoker as well) I have a very weak feeling in my legs. It is almost a tickeling sensation. It goes on for about 10 minutes and happends a couple times a day. It radiates through both of my legs up to my buttocks. Could this be Hypoglycemia related or is there something else wrong?
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Hello harryhood,

I am one of the volunteers here, so keep in mind that I am NOT a medical professional.  My advice is based on my experience in caring for my son, now 10 who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 3.  My sister was diagnosed in early adulthood.

My son has complained (not often) of his legs feeling weak when his blood sugar is low.  My sister has had episodes of low blood sugar where she could not get up and said she felt like her legs did not work.  After consuming some sugar, it still can take sometime to feel better.  (My sister gave up alcohol, but is a cigarette smoker who is trying to quit.)

The weak feeling you are experiencing could definitely be due to hypoglycemia.  Now, I am unsure how alcohol affects a hypoglycemic episode.  I can only assume that it could intensify it or make it hard for you to know for sure if you are experiencing hypoglycemia at the time of consuming alcohol.

I am curious...do you have a glucometer so you can test your blood sugar when feeling this way?

I just asked my son about the tickling feeling....He says that he has just experienced a weakness in his legs, when he has low blood sugar.

Keep in mind that symptoms of hypoglycemia can vary depending on the individual.

Here is some info.that I found: (you probably know most of this, but I thought I would add it)

  Hypoglycemia in People Who Do Not Have Diabetes
Two types of hypoglycemia can occur in people who do not have diabetes: reactive (postprandial, or after meals) and fasting (postabsorptive). Reactive hypoglycemia is not usually related to any underlying disease; fasting hypoglycemia often is.

Symptoms of both types resemble the symptoms that people with diabetes and hypoglycemia experience: hunger, nervousness, perspiration, shakiness, dizziness, light-headedness, sleepiness, confusion, difficulty speaking, and feeling anxious or weak.

If you are diagnosed with hypoglycemia, your doctor will try to find the cause by using laboratory tests to measure blood glucose, insulin, and other chemicals that play a part in the body's use of energy.

(Possibly if you do not have a glucometer, you can find out if your doctor will write a prescription for it and if your med. ins. will cover all or part of the cost.)

I hope I have been of some help to you.

I am certain you will receive other comments.

Take care.
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Avatar n tn
Thank you for your comments. I read that alcohol can intesify becuase of its sugar content. Evidnetly it cuases the pancreas to create to much insulin.

I do not have the instrument to test yet. I have a follow up appointment with my Doctor. My last blood test showed that by glucose level was at 41! I was out partying the night before, so that probably had something to do with it.

Again thank you.
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