Ibuprofen -- Dangerous for Diabetics????
by mimsey, May 01, 2008
Just in the last year I've heard a couple of doctors (not diabetes specialists) say that diabetics should never take ibuprofen because of potential damage to the kidneys, which, coupled with the potential damage from the diabetes itself, could significantly increase the possibility of kidney failure.  I would be very interested to hear what diabetes specialists have to say on this because prior to this many doctors (fully aware of the type 1 diabetes) recommended daily ibuprofen for various problems such as back pain.  Who's right?

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who actually had a problem caused by ibuprofen, links to reliable sources of information on the topic, or opinions from professionals.

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by sickandtired1983, May 15, 2008
OMG! I have heard this myth too many times!!!

I am a type 1 diabetic and take 800 mg ibuprofen to get through my horribly painful period and cramps.

As long as you do not take over 800mg in a 4-6 hour period, you are fine.

Anything you take will affect your body. That's why they are called "drugs."
by krazykatlady, May 19, 2008
I was told by my nurse practitioner (essentially a family dr) that ibuprofen is metabolized through the kidneys, where as acetaminophen is metabolized through the liver.  The concern is that the extra stress on the kidneys will cause issues.

My Mom was told this in the ER after she broke her leg... she was already a dialysis patient at that point, though.
by empresa_enchanted, Jul 15, 2008
I was told not to take ibuprofen because it would knock out my kidneys!
by triskit82, Jul 16, 2008
Hmmmm...never heard this one before...hope it's not true as being a professional dancer I've pretty much been on and off regular Ibprophen doses most of my life. I also take 800mg in combination with Tylenol to treat menstrual cramps and have done this for yrs at the advice of my Dr's.

I get my kidneys check every yr and there's no sign of damage. It all depends on the combination I suppose.

If your diabetes is not under control then you are going to be at a higher risk for kidney problems, add to this the supposed additional strain from taking NSAIDS and I guess you've got a recipe for disaster??

I'm definitely going to ask my Dr about this at my next visit.
by themanwhotoldyou625, Jun 25, 2013
type one diabetics are different from type two!! Take your myth, personal opinion  and stick them up your arse. I bet you are a vegan, lesbian and over opinionated arsehole who shoves their opinion on anyone who looks half interested. Go back to sitting in your witches coven which consists of you and your fellow hemp smoking/wearing friends as I can tell you FIRST ******* HAND that ibuprofen does effect diabetics, no matter what your control and type is. Do a bit of research or better still ...wait till you have been diagnosed with diabetes for more than thirty two seconds