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Key tones

What is keytones??, my wife had gestational diabetes when she had our first baby,but this cleared up when the baby was born, now 2 years on we have had our second child who is 4 months old.  My wife did not have any diabetes this time round, she is breastfeeding, but of late she has been having the odd strange episode, when she becomes incoherent, and acts very aloof, and strange (kind of ,as if she was drunk). we have been advised that this may be down to poor/insufficient diet particularly as she is breastfedding and losing a lot of of nutrients etc, it has also being suggested that she is experiencing Key tones, does this make sense??
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I got this information from a book that was given to me when my daughter was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. Hope it helps.

Ketones are chemicals in the flood which come from the breakdown of fat. The body makes ketones as an alternative energy source to glucose in some situations. When there are ketones in the blood, they will also be found in the urine.
Ketones will be produced in diabetes in 2 situations:
1. When the body is lacking insulin - The blood glucose level will be high, but the body cannot use glucose for energy because of the lack of insulin. Thus fat is broken down to form ketones as an alternative energy supply. When the blood glucose is high, ketones in the blood or urine are a warning sign that the body needs more insulin. If ketones continue to build up, then the person can become very sick with ketoacidosis.
2. When supplies of glucose are running low due to fasting or starvation - This can happen in stomach and bowel illnesses with vomiting and diarrhoea.

Im not sure whether any of this has helped, but hopefully it might shed some light for you on the situation.
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