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Marijuana and Diabetes (Type 1)
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Marijuana and Diabetes (Type 1)

My name is jean. i just joined this website for one purpose. to talk and informate about marijuana and diabetes. well the knowledge that i know of. Im 16 years old and have been diabetec for 3 years now. you ask anyone about diabetes and they say they hate it just like me. we hate the daily injections we have to give ourselves, we hate checking our sugar, we hate not eating and enjoying what our other friends do... because of diabetes. i had to stop playing the sport i love football, because of diabetes. just because u have it doesnt mean you have to stop playing, but my parents didnt like the idea of me playing because they're terrified of seeing me laying down on the field going into some type of coma or whatever. but thats not the point. ive been smoking weed since the age of 12. i enjoy it. it doesnt hurt people around me. definantly doesnt hurt me. when i found out i had diabetes i lost over 20 pounds of muscle and fat, i was more fatigued, and drinking water like it was going to be the last water i ever tasted. when checked at my doc, the glucose meter couldnt even read my sugar. it was to high. my A1C was 15.7%. im not lying i have the medical papers to prove it. while all this i thought to myself i HAVE to quit smoking if not it might do worse. so i didnt care. i went and did my little experiment smoking weed and managing my diabetes. it HAD TO BE the best decision i have ever made so far. i smoke before i eat my sugar around the 80's-90's. after i finish eating a couple hours later smoke again same sugars. i personally think the THC makes a great contribution to your pancreas and the insulin. now my A1C is 5.8% on paper thats im not diabetec. but i still have to inject and all that but i think the weed helps.

Now i have seen some polls posted saying marijuana gives you "munchies" yes of course thats true. and its dangerous when you eat excessive carbs. but YOU  have the power to control it.
Always remember, marijuana takes over you when you ALLOW it to take over you. its not the marijuanas fault.  ive been so high that ive felt clouds. but i am still in control. ive never done something i regret when im high. im fully aware of what im doing. i MIGHT do it retardingly but i noe what im doing.

Now  mind you marijuana helps your condition (mypersonal opnion not scientifically proven..... yet)
but im not saying to go and be a "burnout" and smoke weed every time your high dies. it all depends on the person. how strong your mind is.

thats just my opinions. people might dissagree. people might not approve. people might say its immoral.
but thats why its called OPINION. i could care less of what people might think or might not think. its my body its working for me and i WILL continue what im doing. people might do what im doing. try it out. it wont kill you, it wont land you in a hospital, and its DAMN SURE BETTER THAN HAVING LOW SUGARS.

questions or comments???
i would love to hear them.
again i hope eveyone out there experiencing from diabetes gets better.. not better. i hope for a cure such as like billions and billions people do.
whatever you want
whatever you please
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I've been daibetic for 9 years now
weed hasn't effected my sugars eraticly as far as I can tell
it doesn't make them lower or higher
then again I don't smoke every day its more or less
a couple days a week.

It also works for anxiety :).  I have been terribly depressed my entire life.  I am diagnosed bi-polar, major depressive, and GAD.  I have been on almost every pyschiatic drug.  Let's look at what happened.

1.  I start smoking pot about five years ago.

2.  I noticed rather quickly that I was happier.  Even when I wasn't high.

3.  I'm on Depakote and Xanax and Lexapro.  I have been for years.  

4.  My therapist has no problem with me smoking pot.

5.  I am a successful business man who makes over $300,000 a year.  

6.  I read Eckhart Tolle (I would suggest you do the same :) )

7.  I am in the best mental state of my life.  I am happy.

Could I have done this without pot?  I don't know.  I had read the Eckhart Tolle before and it didn't have any affect.  Pot let me slow my mind long enough to create real change.  I firmly feel this plant has medical properties.  So before dismissing this idea as ridiculous, realize that it has helped many people just like me.  

I trust two things in this world. Science and Experience. Both have shown me that MJ is beneficial. Marijuana is an inhalation anesthetic. It lowers core body temperature and inflammation. And Diabetes is a Neuro Inflammatory Degenerative Disease. Anything that lowers core body temperature as KD (Ketogenic Diet), CR/Fasting, Heat Acclimation, Inhalation Anesthetics, NSAID(aspirin, salycates), Ambient Hypoxia, Exercise etc is beneficial to Diabetes. Keep this in mind. Any of these could bring to a low if you are on Insulin or other insulin stimulating drug. Insulin is the most detrimental to Diabetics drug as it increases BAT thermogenesis-your core body temperature- to the level of onset permanent inflammatory process.  
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