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No Delivery Alarm Minimed Pump
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No Delivery Alarm Minimed Pump


i couldn't find a way to repsond to a thread on the topic that was already out there. This is what's happened to me:

In 2/08 I received "no delivery" alarms so frequently, even after changing sites to places I had never used before (such as sites on my thighs and arms), changing infusion sets (I always use Quick Set with the inserter, never place it manually) and reservoirs. I called Minimed and after a few frustrating days of troubleshooting - the pump would work for a day or half a day and then the no delivery alarm would come on again when priming or when setting a bolus - I finally got a replacement pump. I've had the replacement pump for about 3 weeks when all the sudden the no delivery alarm came on again. I took out the infusion set first and replaced the reservoir and when I primed the pump (so pump was not attached to my body) the no delivery alarm came on again. Could it be that even my replacement pump is broken? Could it be that several (at least 3) boxes of infusion sets are defect??? I am very very frustrated and am dealing with ups and downs in my blood sugar as well as hours and hours on the phone with Minimed and am completely frustrated and ready to give it all up and switch to either a different pump company or maybe try different infusion sets. I don't believe that scar tissue is the problem as the no delivery alarm came on even when priming... I suppose I'll call Minimed again tonight and find out if possibly my replacement pump is broken or if they have any other suggestions for me. What am I missing? Any suggestions?

PS: I have been on pump therapy since 2002 and before 2/08 NEVER had to deal with a no delivery alarm ever!!
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Hi.  I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes who also happens to be on a Minimed pump.  It's possible that the replacement pump is broken, but not likely.  It's possible that you have a bad batch of infusion sets, but that's also not likely.  No Delivery means the pump is working properly, but something is preventing it from doing it's job.  Is your battery good?  The tubing isn't pinched anywhere?
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Hi, I have tried infusion sets from 3 different boxes/batches so far and the tubing always looks, to the naked eye, fine. Nothing is bent either. The tubing isn't pinched and I replaced the battery (there is no low battery alarm). I have always had the Quick Set infusion sets and for years there has never been a problem...I wonder if I should try a different type of infusion set and if so, which one? I have gone through dozens of infusion sets (and am paying for them myself as my student health insurance does not cover pump supplies), so it is financially taxing as well.

The strangest thing is that I occasionally get a No Delivery alarm when priming, so when the pump is not attached to my infusion set in my body. However, most of the No Delivery alarms occur during bolus deliveries.

I looked around on the forum and saw a few posts that describe my problem almost exactly and wonder if anyone has been through something similar and knows of a solution? Thanks so much, Nicki
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