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havent had period in over a year, havent had sex in longer it hurts too...
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havent had period in over a year, havent had sex in longer it hurts too much

k sorry if im in the wrong community room or whatever but i dont know if this is a diabetes thing or a girl thing, i dont know if you read any of my previous questions, but either way:
my girlfriend is 22 shes had diabetes for a little over a year now, she was born at 6 months addicted to crack has always had just mental problems growing up through elementary school all the way up and always seen by all the different therapists etc.. when she ffirst was diagnosed w/ diabetes her sugar was 1300 way too high, shes always been high, except recently were finally starting to control it better

anyways she hasnt had period in over a year, we've told the hospital whenever we go in, and they will check if she;s pregnant and run other tests .. then .... i dont know i guess they just stabalize her and send her out...(usually they keep her for like over 4 days which she hates) she has also complained to the doctor about her privates hurting soo much but i guess that was probably a physical or something stupid where they arent going to .. i dont know, were trying to get insurance which is way harder than it should be, trying to do ssdi so im not sure what doctor visits are what

i have a feeling my question is not making sense, if not, then please just continue onto the next person and i'll repost later tonight when im nor running around like a chicken with my nuggets cut off
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Hi there!

Aside pregnancy, lack of periods or secondary amenorrhea could occur due to stress, recent weight change, hormonal imbalance, PCOD, anemia, infections, systemic abnormalities, thyroid imbalances, medication side effect etc. If the periods are delayed by more than 2-3 months, she would need to be seen by a gynaecologist for a detailed valuation to consider the possibilities. After a cause is identified it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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