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how to get juvenile diabetic to take medication
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how to get juvenile diabetic to take medication

Our daughter is a diabetic and its real hard for us to get her to take her diabetes pills.  How do we get her to take them??? We can see she is not getting any better but the doctor she see's wont put her on insuline.  what can we do?? She is 14 and thinks we dont care about her.  But we do if we didnt we wouldnt be trying to get help for her. PLEASE HELP !!!!! what can we do the doctor she see's is the best children doctor he comes highly recommanded.  I dont blame him , I blame my daughter she says the pills taste and smell like fish.
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Dear pooky bear,

Thank you for contacting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

I have a son diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at eight and is now 27. I am not a physician and am unable to provide you with medical advice. I can share my knowledge of diabetes and our own experience.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 or juvenile onset requires insulin to live because the pancreas is unable to produce it on its own. Type two or adult onset can usually be managed through pills, diet and excerise, although some with type 2 do require shots of inulin to maintain control.

Has your daughter been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2? Is she testing her blood sugars? The ultimate goal for people with diabetes is to maintain a blood sugar range between 80-120. The reason for these particular questions is that normally a child your daughter's age is more likely to be type 1 and insulin dependant. If her doctor say's that she is type 1, she needs insulin. Type 2 would be a different story. You also say that you are not seeing improvement.

pooky bear,in either case, I would strongly recommend that you find an endocronoligist, as soon as possible, who specializes in diabetes for a second opinion, especially, if you where told that she has type 1. If she is testing her blood sugars and her numbers are high, then the sooner she is seen the better.

Again, type 1 diabetics, must have insulin. Please let us know what you find out.If she has type 2, then let's disuss how you both might try different ways to make it easier with taking oral medications.

To websites that will shed more light on this is:


You may want to also check for additional comments that may be posted.

I wish you the best of luck. Please keep in touch.


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