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smoking marijuana and diabetes!!!!!
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smoking marijuana and diabetes!!!!!

Whats up people, well i have more of a statement than a question. first of, im 18 im 6'2 i weigh 245, im an amateur boxer,and i play football for valley high.(middle like backer) i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was ten years old. it sucked so bad, i was depressed i felt like **** half the time, it was awful.  so one day when i was about 13 my cousin had some bud aka marijuana he offered me some, and yeah at first i was like no drugs are bad, and ya know i hit it and i smelled good =D
so i took my first hit...i didn't feel a thing. so i smoked and smoked some more, till the point where i couldn't even stand. i felt good yo. so to make my point i smoke marijuana. about 4 times a week. i live in Las Vegas, so its kinda legal i mean im trying to get a cannabis card. anyway i am a strong supporter of the legalisation of marijuana. both medicinal and recreational.
Also, the weed does make me feel alot better, i no longer get hypo nor hyper, so that's a plus.
now to my question.
i would like to know what both diabetic and non diabetic think about marijuana in general.
thanks Chandler
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For the readers here... voters in Las Vegas have voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes only, while the federal government refuses to recognize that legalization. So marijuana use can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor. See the article below for information about how marijuana use is treated by law in Nevada at this time:


So legality is still an issue in Nevada unless a doctor prescribes it for a patient. I personally do not think that any possible benefits (read on -- I found no studies indicating benefits for type 1 diabetics other than potential help with neuropathy pain when I researched the issue) are worth a possible police record. Even a misdemeanor arrest can affect your future employment.

When your question came in to this forum (it has come up before a number of times), I decided to do some new searching to see what new articles have come up on this controversial topic. I found studies done several years ago that mention that low dosages of cannabis may help alleviate the pain of neuropathy (the high you get also possibly deadens sensations of pain), but nothing mentioning any kind of benefit or danger relating to blood sugar levels.

So I would wonder if your smoking has anything to do with your recently better blood sugar control. Could it be more due to just the fact that you are older and your hormones are starting to stabilize? I do know that in both boys and girls, puberty's hormonal chaos can make it very difficult to control type 1 diabetes, and that as we mature, things do settle down a lot. So you might want to look at this issue critically -- is the marijuana the help or is it a neutral factor in your recent better glucose control? I do congratulate you on being able to avoid both highs and lows nowadays, and hope you can make this the norm in your life forever.

Beyond this, the only very recent study that I found that was of interest to me were several studies this year that seem to indicate that there may be a danger to some people of long-term mental damage (schizophrenia and other possible mental illnesses) because cannabis alters the balance of chemicals in the brain. Some of the studies seemed to indicate that this was a greater risk for people who have certain mental illnesses in their families, showing genetic disposition for these problems. Here is a link to the article that I thought covered this subject the best:


The reality is that I don't know that much research has been done on the effects of cannabis on type 1 diabetes. When I read about studies on blood sugar control, the people being studied tended to be type 2 people who do produce insulin of their own and therefore whose pancreases can be stimulated to produce more insulin. I found little on studies with type 1 diabetics. That being said, I would encourage you to read up on any and all studies being done. If there is some evidence of potential long-term changes in a user's body (such as possible brain chemical changes), you want to know about those studies so you can make an educated decision.
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