Blood glucose test what do results mean please?
by soo_many_symptoms, May 12, 2010
Hi Thank you for your time.
Have had tests recently one being for glucose. Have only been told that I need to have another test
as the last one was abnornal. My husband is diabetic and tests himself daily. I have tested
mine and it is 9.3 in the middle of the afternoon. I had eaten only 1 peice of fruit bread and
a cup of tea about 1/2 hour before. Does this mean I am diabetic, pre diabetic? I have had
strange symptoms in the night - I awake in a panic and sometimes it feels like my stomach
is burning, I get a bit hot and my heart beats really fast and I feel afraid. Then i feel a bit
shaky inside. Is this to do with diabetes or panic attacks or both? I also have developed
blurred vision but was told I had cataracts so I thought that was why. I am quite worried about
this. I do have another appt to check my blood glucose. Can you put all this into some
perspective for me please. Do I need to eat something before bed to stop this whatever it is?
Thank you for your help

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by Zoelula, May 12, 2010
It is strange to me that your doctor told you the test was "abnormal" and didn't explain further. When do you go for the next test? If your first test was a fasting glucose, he might want to do an A1C or an OGTT. The first tests for blood sugar averages over a period of a couple month and the second tests your reaction to a sugary drink over a period of a couple hours. As for your home test: We don't normally test 1/2 hour after eating, but two hours after eating, but your number of 9.3 (167) would be high for a non-diabetic. Nobody can diagnose you based on this one test, however. Your symptoms at night do sound like they migt be low blood sugar, though if you are prone to anxiety that might worsen the symptoms you are experiencing.

It wouldn't hurt to have a snack before bed in case you are having low blood sugars at night. However, the bottom line is that you need to see what the results of the doctors testing is. Please make sure he gives you exact numbers AND explains to you what they mean and what you should do about it. Too many doctors just say "it's abnormal" or "you are pre-diabetic" and don't give you more information. If your husband is diabetic then you know that diabetes is a manageable condition. It takes some effort, and you can't ignore it, but if you make the necessary changes and learn about diabetes care, you will be fine.
by soo_many_symptoms, May 13, 2010
Thank you so much for your advice. I haven't seen the Dr. regarding the results - I have just been informed by letter to make another appt as I need further investigations. So I will be sure to ask about the numbers when I see her. Would you be able to give me an idea of what would be a good thing to eat before bed or in the night - it is at the worst between 3.00 and 4.00 a.m.
My husband has only just been diagnosed so he does not really have a handle on it yet and he hasn't figured out how the food he eats gives him his symptoms, or has not fully adjusted to the idea yet and/or is in denial. He also has many other medical problems too. I would add that we don't eat the same things. I choose to eat healthily (or so I thought) and always have at least 5 fruit and veg a day, with no junk and no alcohol. Don't really understand what's gone wrong or why so I can fix it.
by Zoelula, May 13, 2010
Unfortunately eating healthy and eating healthy for diabetes are often two different things. I thought I ate very healthy before diagnosis-no sugar, no junk, vegetarian. But I was eating way too many carbs for a diabetic. One way to see what works for blood sugar is to test 2 hours after a meal and the goal is to be under 140. Depending on serving size, both bread and fruit in the same meal might put you too high as they are both high carb.

For a snack before bed to prevent lows during the night, you might try something with some carbs and also some fat which slows the absorption of the carbs. Say cheese or peanut butter and crackers. I'm assuming you have a meter at home so you can also test when you wake up at 3 or 4AM feeling bad and if you are low (some say treat under 70, some say under 60) you would be best with glucose tablets which you can buy at any drugstore. They are measured doses and will raise your blood sugar quickly while avoiding making you high like food can. We are all different but 2-4 should do it (you can test 20 minutes later to see how you've improved).

Good luck with your doctor visit. I'm sorry if you end up having diabetes, but many you can be a good influence on your husband. If you want the urls for some websites with a lot more diabetics, including Type 2's (I'm type 1), send me a private message.
by Rachel_R, May 13, 2010
I find berries to be low in sugar plus whole wheat bread is low in carbs. Smuckers makes a sugar free berry jam and makes a good snack with toasted wheat bread.
by soo_many_symptoms, May 15, 2010
I am a bit clearer now - all tests came back ok except for the blood glucose one which the doc said was not too bad at 6.8 but is now having me do the fasting blood glucose one. She says that a lot of my other symptoms are meno related but has not suggested anything that might help. She has suggested varying my diet more rather than restricting it as I have been doing by avoiding wheat and sugars. I am also intolerant of wheat (but not celiac) apparently and I have also asked for a lactose intolerance test which she is doing. I don't seem to get on with pure fruit juices either despite the fact that I seem to have tolerated and enjoyed them prior to these issues.
Thanks for your help  :-)