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Blood sugar up and down
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Blood sugar up and down

I found my blood sugar at 17.8 last night.  I have a lot of symptoms like palpitation, dizziness and very tired.  I took  2.5mg of the minidiab.  After that, I have a packet of bean curd puff and some dry longan (dry fruit).  After 3 hours, I went to bed.  

This morning I take my blood sugar again before breakfast (fasting).  It is 6.2.  I'm curious, is 2.5mg of minidiab really can lower the blood sugar that much?  Or my meter something wrong......?

Again after 2 cups of coffee, I felt very very dizzy.  I take my blood pressure, it is 112/85.  My chest is very tight, it looks like an elephant sitting on it.  Were these symptoms are part of the blood sugar 17.8 which damaged to my organ?  Or could be my blood sugar raises to 17.8 again?  I think it is impossible for 2 cups of white coffee without sugar can raise the blood sugar so much!  Just too scare to do another blood glucose test.  

Any one has those experience or come across those symptoms?  Could some one give me an idea what should I do next?
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Please see your doctor with symptoms!

Are you diagnosed with diabetes?  What is your medication? Maybe you need adjustment.  Please read other posts here for advice on diet and exercise, which are critical to managing diabetes.
"Could some one give me an idea what should I do next?"
We can't diagnose your issues over the Internet. You also haven't told us the full story. For example, how you came about obtaining the minidiab, whether you have seen a doctor lately or the last time you saw a doctor, what the outcome and the instructions given to you, how often you test your blood glucose, the test results, and so on. Go see a doctor.
Thank you both of you, Super_sally and WaveRider.  

I was diagnosed as a diabetes type II few years ago.  Which Metformin was not working for me.  It caused me very short of breath and unable to function as my normal life.  The Endo doctor prescribes Minidiab for me.  It works very well or may be over-well.  Always after taking 2.5mg of minidiab, I need to take some sweets to boost up my sugar level.  Otherwise, I'll shake, nause, sweaty and feel faint.  When my BS (blood sugar) reaches 5.2, I also have those symptoms.  My normal Hba1c is around 7 - 7.7.  My GP said it is no good.  I didn't take minidiab regulary.  My endo dr said, only take 2.5mg with large meal.  Normal meal I don't need to take it.  

I try to limit to one visit per year to my endo doctor.  She needs me to pay out of pocket which I can't afford that at the moment.  (Before was bulk bill = no out of packet payment needed).  I see so many doctors, it adds up.  Now, I try to figure it out myself at home to avoid all those doctors' bill.  

I'm curious.  Am I diabetes or not?  What happen, if my BS raise to 17.8, I go to sleep without taking any minidiab?  Would next morning I wake up, it could fall back to normal or not? Or it could stay remain at high as 17?  


a blood sugar of 17 is dangerously high.  The Ha1c of 7 - 7.7 is also not good.

You may not wish to see a doctor, but your health is at risk, your life is at risk.  You need to see your doctor and you need to get your blood sugar down.

Obviously your meds are not working.

You need to educate yourself well on diabetes and do everything necessary to improve your situation.
I'm not familiar with the Aussie health care system nor the area you reside in. Hopefully you may be able to pursue changing doctors to one that is a little more understanding of your financial handicap.

After rereading your post several times, I find your A1c very high and the 17.8 deadly. The latter could cause cardiac arrest. Both numbers imply you have diabetes, especially the A1c. In order to best help you, I have broken my response down into several subject sections.

A. Medication
Minidiab in the USA are dispensed under the name of Glypizide or Glucotrol. Blindly taking medication without knowing the consequences can be harmful. I am not the one nor any health board member the one to tell you what/when/how of dosage you should consume. Only your endo should do this. But in any case your medication is need of modification. You may need to start injecting insulin, possible slow reacting to keep you glucose levels in check.
Are you on other medications that may have interactions or contraintdictions with Minidiab? Go here and compare the results with all your meds. Include supplements too.  http://tinyurl.com/PikaPikas-checker

2. Nutrition
Proper nutrition goes a long way in keeping your blood glucose in check. Google search 'diabetes nutrition' for suggestions. Try not to consume fruits or fruit juices by themselves, eat starchy or high carbohydrated foods as they turn into sugar after being digested. Understand that a healthy nutrition is not the same as diabetic nutrition. Diabetics must avoid and abstain from eating sugary foods & liquids, starches and bad carbs like white flour, Period. Read all package and canned food nutrition labels. Sugars from carbohydrates equals one heaping Tablespoon of refined sugar for every 7 grams listed.

3. Exercise & Weight
Do some sort of physical exercise 20 minutes a day. It's Spring down under so go for long brisk walks, ride a bicycle, park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the entrance. This helps to burn of excess blood glucose, really does.
Losing a few pounds goes a long way. A few pounds over is not good. Try to maintain normal weight through nutrition and exercise. No late night snacking.

4. Testing
This is the key to controlling your blood glucose levels.
Test times:
a.) At bedtime and first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning before breakfast - no consuming colored liquids like tea or coffee - to see if your liver is producing excess blood glucose while sleeping. Compare against your bedtime result. And to get a baseline measurement to compare against after meal test results.
b.) Test 2-3 hours after you eat when blood glucose are at the highest level in your body. Compare against prandial [b4 meal] result. This helps you to understand what the foods you ate does to your blood glucose levels. Avoid foods that raise your levels above normal. [see below for ranges].
Perform 'a' and 'b' for every meal.

Normal b4 breakfast [prandial] ranges 70-99 mg/dl
After meal [postprandial] <180 mg/dl or better <140 mg/dl.
< means less than.

Finally, as Sally said "You need to educate yourself well on diabetes and do everything necessary to improve your situation." There a wealth of information on the Internet at your fingertips.

I didn't take any minidiab on Sunday.  I woke up on Monday, my BS is 6.5, 8.6 & 8.9.  You all must be surprised why tested 3 times in a row.  The blood at my finger tip didn't flow out enough, I top it up to until the meter reads (6.5).  Then I ***** the second finger, it flew out a lot but I forgot to wait for the meter beep first.  It still reads = (8.6).  I use back the same finger (it still bleed) for the third attempt.  It reads = (8.9).  I took 2.5mg of minidiab this morning.  

I feel very dizzy.  My BP is Ok.  It is 126/86 Left hand.  115/85 for the right hand.  So the dizziness is not related to blood pressure.  It should not relate to BS either.

My cardio promised me.... He said my pacemaker (number 4) will cover every event of my heart except the "rupture".  I born with wpw and I have a his bundle ablation at 1985.  I'm still having wpw.  It is a pattern but not a syndrome after the ablation.  

The diabetes came 2 years after my heart plays up in 2005.  My liver also damaged by the cardio who put me on Verapamil.  Lucky, it discovered very early so Verapamil withdrew and my liver left with minor damaged.  I don't know the diabetes actually develops due to my liver damaged or my pancreas mulfunction?  How can I find out?
A lot of your body systems need help.Start doing this pranayam and build up your immune system.Do it seriously, and when you reach the recommended timing, you will start to see improvements in health.Come back on this thread, to report progress, so others may benefit.Try and do this before 6am everyday, and you day will go well.
These pranayam exercises will help control the diabetes and the side effects.Build up the timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume later(after about a minute).The benefits will be noticed in weeks as the sugar level is checked daily.Over the long term the diabetes will be in full control.

Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 15 to 30 minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years – do 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

Anulom Vilom –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril
then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 30 minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years -  do 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Also everyday, press the centre point of the palm of both your  hands 40 times with the thumb and press the tips of all fingers 40 times each.
To stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin: mandukasan - kneel down(with feet pointing inwards,and sit on the ankles/heels, Vajrasan position), breathe in and breathe out completely and hold your breath, pull the stomach in, press both your  hands on stomach, bend forward as much as possible keeping the head straight, hold for 5 to 15 seconds and come back up while breathing in. Repeat  this 3 times daily  to stimulate the kidney and pancreas.Mandukasan2 - Repeat the whole process,but this time with with fists of both hands pressing against the stomach.Mandukasan can be done sitting on a chair, if you cannot bend the legs.
Continue the breathing exercises once a day, after the diabetes and other health problems are in full control.
Just 2.5mg of minidiab after 8 coffee Eclairs.  It falls to 3.1.  My symptom is like gastric pain, very nausea.  Is that not all the lollies would raise blood sugar?  I'm confused...................................  
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