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Diabetes and TSH
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Diabetes and TSH

My father has had psoriasis for the past 15 years. He uses topical steroids.( triamcinalone) Two years later he developed Diabetes type 2 ( runs in the family-his mother suffered from it.) He is on Metformin, Pioglitazone 15 mg once a day, Glyburide 10mg two times a day, Lisinopril 10mg once a day, and Ezetimibe/simvastatin 10mg/80 mgs once in the evening.

Using the Glucometer at home he checks his glucose regularly but it fluctuates greatly. On days where he does strenous exercise ( yard work) it goes to 70g/dL and when he completely does not exercise it can go to 220mg/dL. But most days it's around 120mg/dL
He exercises 4 days a week on the treadmill. He has a comparatively normal lunch, but a very small dinner. He drinks 2% fat milk 1 glass. He eats veggie esp. for dinner. He is very good about not eating sweets, cakes, and certain fruits.
However he has a very stressful high profile job and has been living by himself for the past 5 years. He has to frequently fly.  

He has had central obesity since his mid 30s (and his limbs are also lean) and we first noticed that his upper back near the nape of the neck has enlarged. He has complained of problems in getting a full nights sleep and subsequently told he has sleep apnea and needs a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine at night. Now he also complains of dull aching pain near the right upper thigh.

Recently he went in to the Dctors office about the controversy over the Avandia and his Pioglitazone for which he wanted changed to another appropriate drug. His doctor said that he must continue the drug and that if he stopped he would then have to move to insulin. ( That's definately not something we want.)

He had his blood test done and his TSH is high.

His reports as of July 2007;
                                   Result                                    Normal

HDL                            34ml/dL                                  > 40
Triglycerides               185mg/dL                                <199
Total Cholesterol          131mg/dL                          
LDL                             60mg/dL
Creatinine with GFR
Kidney Creatinine          0.87mg/dL                              60 mL/ min                           > 60

Urine MicroAlb
Albumin/ creat ratio        3.3ug/mg                               0.0-29.9    

Muscle enzyme (CK)      49U/L                                    0-200

Fasting glucose              113mg/dL                              60-99

Potassium                      4.2mEq/L                              3.5-5.3

ALT ( liver)                      20U/L                                    <36

TSH                               6.4uIU/mL                              0.2-5.5

HGBA1c                         7.7%                                     4.6-6.0


1. How is the thyroid related to this disease process? is it due to the drugs e.g ADR, interactions
2. What else should I do to better help him?
3. Is the steroids for psoriasis causing all these problems? Can I just have it apply when it gets worse?

I really am very confused. I would be very indebted to you if you would answer these Qs. Thank You
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Avatar n tn
I'm sorry.
                                  result                         normal
GFR                           >60mg/dL                   >60mg/dL
Kidney creatinine          0.87                           < 1.30
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