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Hungry, Nausea (throw up feeling)

Lately I'm feeling quiet awkward during the morning and parts of the rest of the day. My doctor hasn't been able to trace it down yet and doesn't really want to "dive into the problem". Although I am going for a second opinion I would like to know if there are people around who recognize these symptoms.

Symptoms are:
- feeling nausea (feeling I have to throw up, but so far I never did)
- feeling hungry
- defecating more than usual (I think) (2~3 times a day)
- flatulence

The issue seems to follow a daily schedule:
after wake up i'm having the constant feeling of having to throw up but it does not happen (never). I'm somewhat hungry so i do eat, but cant eat much. After having eaten something I feel good again.  

10 - 11 AM:
I'm starting to get really hungry and sometimes the feeling of having to throw up returns. Legs start to shake a bit.

Around 4 - 5 PM:
On some days hungry again with or without the throw up feeling.

What do I eat on a normal day?
Morning (8AM)
- Glass of orange juice
- bowl of yogurt with muesli (sometimes sugared)

10 - 11AM
2 slices of bread with cheese

12:30 AM
6 slices of bread with cheese / ham or other meat

3 - 5PM
a few cookies

Dinner, usually pasta or something with potatoes. Always includes vegetables and usually ~100gr of meat (chicken, beef).


Throughout the day: 2 cups of coffee, 1 or 2 glasses of soda pop, water and sometimes a beer.

When I'm feeling really bad I sometimes eat a bit of sugar, this seems to help a bit.

Other things to note:
I'm long and almost underweight.
This drags on for ~ 2 months now.


Me, I think here is something wrong with the food processing inside my body.. but I'm not a doctor, I can just listen to what my body tells me..
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