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Hydrocodone and Tramadol
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Hydrocodone and Tramadol

I wrote recently about my pain and the problems I've had with them.  I went through what I call the "perfect storm" that made my life miserable, made me so anxious and so angry, that I couldn't stand it anymore.  I doubted my doctor and what she was doing for me as well as all the specialists that I had been going to.  Thank god I have a great, compasionate, understanding doctor.  At our last appointment we both got very honest with each other,  I wrote down, as well as expressed all my concerns to her, and she "listened!!"  My biggest probelm (?) is severe peripheral neuropathy.  She has me on Vicadin and Tramadol.  I was doing great on the original Hydrocodone 10/660 and only 2-3 Tramadol a day.  When we cut back to Hydrocodone 10/325, I had to increase my Tramadol to 8 a day, and was still in pain.  I had my feet in ice water every night, and piling on the Capzasion HP to try to deaden the pain, burning, and throbbing.  So, I asked her if my quality of life meant more than the drugs I was taking.  I will be on pain killers for the rest of my life.... unless they come up with a cure... doubtful.... so what difference did it make if we lowered the dose on Hydrocodone and increased the Tramadol, or kept the higher dose of Hydrocodone (that worked for me)? From what I've read on many sites, and through these forums, Tramadol is much worse than Hydrocodone.  To me, I believe that I'm better off with original hydrocodone dose.  I was even able to go for walks and do things I could never do before.  She (we) agreed to go back to the original dosage of hydrocodone and go back to only a few Tramadol a day.  It's been a week, and I'm doing great now.  I'm extremely blessed to have a doctor (ANP) who will listen and work with me.  I'm 68 yrs., and dread the thought of getting old and senile and having someone who could care less about all my illnesses and how I feel take care of me.  My doctor (ANP) tells me I'm in a "Catch 22) situation.  No matter what I do or take, there will be side affects and tradeoffs I'll have to make.  She is willing to work with me on anything that might help me life a half way decent life with as little pain as possible.  She had made the changes because of the pressure being put on doctors from Medicare, Medicaid, Pharmacies, and everyone else who doesn't care about the pain, just the side affects.  So what!  Every drug has side affects that create other problems and side affects, some deadly and worse than hydrocodone.  I'm in pain and will do anything to be out of pain.  Those who are trying to tell me that I don't need these drugs, or the higher dosage, have probably never been in severe pain.  I don't know anyone who can understand my pain, except for those of you in the forums I read.  I   probably am addicted to pain pills, but I'll never be able to go off of them.  We've tried a lot of alternatives, including clinical trials that said they would cure my pain.... no such luck.  

Okay, enough.  I wish all of you the blessings I have to find a good doctor who will listen to you and be compasionate to your pain.  Because of all my illnesses, I have to be extremely careful with all the drugs I take bacause of the interactions.  Good Luck!  I feel bad for going off the deep end and doubting my doctor.  She only wants what's best for me.  I know that now.
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Great that your Dr is listening to you and you have had good results.

if the peripheral neuropathy is from diabetes there is a possibility that it can be reversed (does take time) by normalising blood sugars.

What medications are you on?

What are your target blood sugars?  If you can keep your blood sugars under 140 at all times (ideally closer to normal of 80 - 120) there could be recovery.  Best approach to normalising blood sugars is very low carb diet combined with correct and careful use of insulin.

Some reading sources are:-

John Walsh - Using Insulin
Dr. Richard Bernstein - Diabetes Solutions (low carb and insulin for diabetes management).

Best wishes to you.
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