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My GF's dad has type 2 diabetes
Hello here is the letter from my gf, she has translated from Chinese to English. Any advice would be appreciated beyond words. Thank you in advance.

Age: 53,  Male
The patient has Diabetes, High blood pressure and Cerebral circulation insufficiency
In Mar 2005, had stroke once

1. For high blood pressure:
Irbesartan  Tablets , angiotensin II receptor antagonists,Ang II RA
2. For Diabetes:
   Isophane Protamine Biosynthetic Human
   Insulin Injection(pre-mixed 30R)
3. Has one Aspirin Enteric Coated Tablets before sleep every night
He felt serious dizzy, and in hospital , he had GASTRODIN INJECTION and Panax Notoginseng for Injection in the hospital.
He had physical examination , and it showed he had a blood clot in the blood vessel of his neck, but the doctors said it should not causes such serious dizzy, and they do not know why he feels so dizzy. He keep taking above medications daily.
Just want to know if there are some good medications or method to cure?
Or some recommended medications.
Thanks a lot!!!
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