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Problem of GAD Antibody value
I am 29 year old woman. Initialy I faced diabetic at the time of Pregnency in Oct 2005,thereafter it disappeared in Dec 2005. Later on in Sep2008 I was diagnosed Type II diabities.It is very fluctuating. I got further test whereas my GAD-ANTIBODY VALUE is coming 49.1 IU. ANTIBODY VALUE is coming 49.1 IU  /ml. Now a days I am taking T.Glynase MF & T.Galvus 50 MG for controlling of blood sugar two times before half an hour to meal.whether realy i am going to devlop type 1 diabities or else it can be controlled and will continue type II diabities.
How to get down the value of GAD65 . What should I do.

As it was asked .

the details are as under

Today fasting glucose  level -186 mg/dl

post prandial plasama glucose- 148

The all other test was done on 09.09.2009 the these are

GAD lab range : Below 10.0IU/ml

whereas my GAD-ANTOBODY Value: 49.1 IU/ml
I am an almost normal weight person  Hight 156 cm weight 54 K.G but having the fat on tummy more than usual. I walk 40 minute daily
My C Peptide Value is  Fasting C-Peptide: .9 pmol/ml
                                  Stimulated C-Peptide : 2.0 pmol/ml

it was indicated in lab report fairly good Pacreatic Beta cell Reserve

An A1c test value is 8.4%

please suggest what should I do.


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